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Secrets of the Aether

The full text of Secrets of the Aether can be downloaded as a PDF eBook, below.  

Secrets of the Aether provides a quantified physics paradigm, which is different from the Standard Model of Particle Physics. 

Mainstream physics is based on a flawed system of units, where charge is notated as a single dimension relative to a single dimension of mass. As evidenced by the cgs system of units, charge should always be distributed (squared) relative to a single dimension of mass. So instead of writing coul/kg, units should be expressed as coul^2/kg. Also, five units are already correctly written in terms of distributed charge (conductance, inductance, capacitance, permeability, and permittivity).

In addition, there are two quantifiable and distinctly different manifestations of charges; the elementary charge (electrostatic charge) and magnetic charge.

When taking these corrections into account it is possible to unify the fundamental forces using simple, Newtonian type force laws. 

Secrets of the Aether explains these points in detail and provides a very different view of the Universe than the flawed "mass-energy" paradigm of probability theory as presented in the Standard Model.

To read SOTA online, go to the Table of Contents and choose a chapter to start with.  
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David Thomson,
May 3, 2013, 12:51 PM