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[qaac] release 0.94

posted Oct 30, 2011, 6:48 PM by nu 774
  • Removed alacdec.exe.
  • Included refalac.exe. This is an ALAC encoder based on opensource ALAC reference implementation by Apple. This works without QuickTime, and of course ALAC only. refalac shares source code with qaac, so many (not all) features of qaac are available.
  • Allow multichannel ALAC encoding. However, this is only experimental, so please don't use this feature. In fact, I don't even know if it is playable (I know even QuickTime player doesn't recognize channel layout of this multichanel ALAC in m4a). Information welcome.
  • Fixed long standing random file opening error due to silly misusage of sf_open_fd() things of libsndfile.
  • Raised priority of built-in wave parser. It will be always tried first, if --raw is not specified.
  • Modified built-in wave parser to automatically ignore length when data chunk length is not multiple of blockalign (=bytes per audio frame. 4 for 2ch 16bit PCM).
    For example, when you input from foobar2000 via pipe, foobar2000 sets 4294967295 as data chunk length -- which is a fake value, and usually not multiple of blockalign. Therefore, qaac will now work the same as if --ignorelength was specified. However, don't rely on this feature too much.
  • Added --chapter option to add chapter from a text file. Chapter text format is same as mp4chaps or subler. It's described at here. Both of QT style/Nero style chapters are inserted.
  • Removed --rate keep/auto. --rate auto was not working recently anyway. This is because sample rate setting affects available bitrate, and qaac at first sets up sample rate (before setting bitrate).
    Therefore, now --rate only accepts literal sample rate in Hz. If you want to down sample for low bit-rate settings, use --rate 32000 or something.
  • Updated console title display/progress display message.