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[foo_input_caf] 0.0.1

posted Oct 24, 2012, 4:17 AM by nu 774

As the name implies, this is a fb2k input plugin for CAF file, based on Apple Application Support. Source code is at github page, as always.

This is my first fb2k plugin, so there could be full of bugs, tons of stability issues or something. This plugin supports many funky formats such as iLBC/CAF, AMR-NB/CAF or MS GSM6.10/CAF, but not thoroughly tested.

Decoding of AAC, MP3, ALAC and something are all done by CoreAudioToolbox. Therefore, the result might not be bit-identical with the fb2k standard packet decoder.

As far as I know, handling of HE-AAC encoder/decoder delay is different between Apple and others. This plugin will happily decode HE-AAC/CAF files generated by Apple encoder, but won't play other ones gaplessly (the reverse is also true).

Finally, the most recent CoreAudioToolbox.dll seems to have some strange issue (bug?), and causes immediate crash when decoding HEv2 files using ExtAudioFileRead(). Therefore, I disabled HEv2 support on this plugin.