qaac is a command line AAC/ALAC encoder frontend based on Apple encoder, strongly influenced by http://tmkk.pv.land.to/qtaacenc/.

qaac requires Apple Application Support that is included in iTunes or QuickTime. If you are using 64bit Windows, recent 64bit iTunes (ver 12.1 or later) is recommended. 64bit installer for iTunes (iTunes6464Setup.exe) includes both of 32bit and 64bit AppleApplicationSupport, therefore you can run both of qaac.exe and qaac64.exe with it's installation.


  • AAC-LC, AAC-HE, ALAC encoding are supported. m4a container (just a MP4 container with 'M4A ' brand, created by Apple) is used by default, but you can also mux into ADTS.
  • Filenames and tags are treated with Unicode. Very long file names are supported.
  • Support for multichannel/surround.
  • Fine quality control over AAC encoding.
  • Support for hi-resolution/multichannel ALAC.
  • WAV, raw PCM, ALAC, and all LPCM formats supported by CoreAudio AudioFile interface (such as AIFF, CAF, and Sun/AU) are directly available as input. MP3 is also decodable through CoreAudio.
  • Cue sheet input is also available.
  • FLAC, Wavpack, TAK, and other LPCM formats are optionally supported when libFLAC.dll, wavpackdll.dll, tak_deco_lib.dll, and libsndfile-1.dll are installed.
  • Piped input is available for WAV and raw PCM.
  • Piped output (streaming) is supported for ADTS.
  • Automatically fetch tags from AIFF, FLAC, Wavpack, Tak, and ALAC. Major tags are copied to the result. Also, you can manually set tags via command line options.

Download latest version from here. You only have to download qaac-x.xx.zip.

You can browse / get sources of qaac at git repository.

For details, please read usage page.

Bug reports, patches, and feature requests are welcome. You can use any of the following ways:

qaac uses following libraries.

  • Apple QuickTime SDK for Windows (headers only)
  • CoreAudioToolbox.dll and CoreFoundation.dll of Apple Application Support
  • ALAC open source reference implementation by Apple
  • libmp4v2
  • BSD getopt (modified)
  • boost (shared_ptr, utf8_codecvt_facet)
  • TagLib (only AIFF +ID3v2 component is used)
  • libsndfile (dynamically linked)
  • FLAC (dynamically linked)
  • wavpack (dynamically linked)
  • libsoxrate (modified version of libsox; dynamically linked)