Welcome to X-Clone Hackers

>> Contact Email: pythonhackerz@gmail.com
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Who we are?

We are a group of hackers and programmers that hack maliciously and for the good. Here you will learn the fundamentals of hacking and a little programming. From injections to admin hacking you will become a pro hacker once you are done learning all of X-Clones hacking tricks and tutorials. 

How will we learn hacking?
Hacking is like teaching someone how to do a backflip, you can teach someone, but they can't do it without experience or practice.

This is why we will try our best to teach you how to hack! 

What is real hacking?
These days people think hacking is getting into FB accounts or stealing credit card #'s. Even though that is part of hacking, it is really not all of it. People think hacking is easy because there are many programs out there that may do it for you, however that is not hacking, real hacking would be to program your own software and use that. This is why hackers need to learn programming. The other reason for programming is that you have to successfully read a program to exploit it. 

How can we join X-Clone and what is X-Clone's background?
To tell you the truth, X-Clone only has one worker only, however that person is a teen with the code name PythonB. However PythonB is currently training an army of teens to work for him. This is a non-profit organization, we make NO money and spend NO money. If you want to become a X-Clone hacker email us (pythonhackerz@gmail.com) using the hashtag #xjoin in the subject box.Here is a profile fill of him:

Name: Unknown 
Code Name: PythonB
Latest Hack: Bitcoins
Age: In the teens (early)
Hobbies: Ping Pong, Hacking, Programming.
#1 on his most wanted list: Xi Wang Z. Zhang
Height: Unknown
Last Seen: Unknown
Hair Color: Unknown
I.P Address: Unknown
Friends: Unknown
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Movie(s)/ T.V shows: unknown

How long did it take you to become a pro hacker:
Half a year, I spent 8 hours a day some days but most days 4 hours.

Where can I practice my hacking?
Soon we will add a Hacker's Lab or playground kind of thing, soon (here) you can practice your hacking tricks and go on missions. 

*we will add stuff everyday so stay updated

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