Python routines for digital communication over sound!





About PythonHam

PythonHam is a few Python routines that allow digital communication over sound. PythonHam was created to further my knowledge of how digital communications over amateur radio worked. I wanted to make my own software to communicate digitally over the airwaves. PythonHam is the direct result. Because I am not a DSP programming guru, the software is not terribly complicated. Because of its very small size it can be easily modified to suit your needs. If you want to add any features (there are many to be added) so feel free to go right ahead. Email the files to me and I will put them up.



Not only does PythonHam transmit and receive data over radio, it also can communicate over many other mediums. Your imagination is the limit!

PythonHam implements the following:

-Basic FSK (Frequency Shift Keying) modem example 

-Tone generation and mixing

-Fast Goertzel Algorithm-based frequency detection

-Very simple Forward Error Checking with zlib compression