Codebases & References

On-line Course Material and Tutorials

Astronomy-centric Tutorial A useful guide to manipulating images and spectra, as well as plotting and computation. Somewhat outdated (2007) but still very useful.

Astroinformatics Course at the University of Syndey: A three-day course covering Python, databases, and astronomy virtual observatory tools. There are also very helpful slides on version ing of code. Tags: python, subversion, svn

Matplotlib Cookbook Short but sweet cookbook to get you ramped up on basic plotting needs. Tags: matplotlib, python, plot, numpy

Showmedo Video tutorials on small python projects (like setting up a webpage with Django)

Python Bootcamp Summer 2012: Slides, videos, and sample code from the summer 2012 bootcamp.


Bioinformatics Programming in Python Newish (2009) O'Reilly book that is a fairly comprehensive overview of the Python language with examples geared towards biology applications.

Real World Instrumentation with Python O'Reilly currently being written (!) that takes you through programming for hardware (interfaces, GUIs, etc.).

Learning Python, 4th Edition (2009) Fairly comprehensive book on the Python language


          Using Git & Dropbox In case you dont want to push to a public directory that you own (and you dont want to use ssh)

          Py4Science  Semi-regular meetings on the Berkeley campus emphasizing the intersection between Python and scientific research.

          Bay Area Python Interest Group Advanced topics discussions once per month (Silicon Valley)

Python Starter Kit Awesome go to page for all things Python. Links to webinars, tutorials on numpy, etc.

          Numpy for Matlab users