Damon is a complex program with a long roadmap.  It needs the contributions of hackers, psychometricians, and mathematicians, as well as basic coding work.  Damon is hosted on bitbucket with Mercurial as the version control system.  That means you can download Damon to your computer and bang on it as much as you like, and we can merge the changes in later.  To contribute to the main branch, you need commit authority.  This requires:
  • Assuring me that you know what you're doing (the Pythias-Damon forum is a good place to start)
  • Signing a contributor license
Some words on the contributor license.  If you write code for Damon, the contributor license basically says you agree to allow Pythias perpetual use of your contribution under the terms of the Apache 2.0 open-source license.  This includes allowing Pythias to license Damon (and your contributions) under both the Gnu AGPL and the Pythias Commercial License.  You retain copyright ownership of your code.

One other note.  It is conceivable that companies will want to pay for the Pythias Commercial License, in which case Pythias may make a little money from code that contains your contribution.  As partial recompense, if you are an eligible major contributor, Pythias will grant you a free Pythias Commercial License to use Damon commercially in your own applications.

A Stylistic Note
Python variables are generally all lower case with underscores my_var, camel case MyVar being reserved for classes and methods.  Damon (unfortunately) started off on the wrong foot and breaks with Python's variable naming condition by making all Damon variables camel case MyVar.  Fortunately, as Damon has only the one DamonObj class, it is easy to keep them all straight.