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I'm proud to announce...
August 19, 2012

The list of featured artists for the exhibition:
Jad Fair
Tim Kerr
Andy Tang and Jessica Nixon
Connie Carleton
Ellen Gibbs
Dieter Giesler
Fran Holland
Amanda Jones
Megan Lane
Alyssa Martin
Vince Martinez
Cyndi Pyke
Madison Somerville
Samantha Soper
Luana Steffen

Spread the word about the opening night reception!
September 7, 2012, 7 pm
Flex Space Gallery at Pump Project (1109 Shady Lane)

We have a variety of artwork and media, including painting, sculpture, instrument, installation, ink, watercolor, photography, film, mixed media, and even a cake!

The opening night reception will include great music from Tim Bearden, Emcee Eats,
DJ Mez, and DJ Chicken George!

We'll have a RAFFLE with prizes provided by Monkey Nest Coffee & Birds Barbershop, with more to come!
FREE Kombucha by Buddha's Brew!

The Countdown Begins!
August 13, 2012

Thank you all for coming to Cherrywood Coffeehouse to support us!

We made our fundraising goal! I hope you all had a great time and heard great music.

We have less than a month until the exhibition opens. There's a ton to do from now until September 7, so stay tuned!

We're Off to the Races!
August 1, 2012

Pythagoras (and Austinites) Benefit Show
Cherrywood Coffee House
1400 E. 38 1/2 St.
Austin, TX

Submissions have ended! Jessica and I are processing through them for the September exhibition. Results will be soon.

In the meantime, we're having a benefit show at Cherrywood Coffee House (1400 E. 38 1/2 St.) on Friday, August 10 at 7 pm in support for the art show.


Three Leaf
The Apple Trio
and a special performance act by Andi Skeemax and the Slow Jams

Doors starts at 7 pm!

Pythagoras (and Austinites) Discovering the Musical Intervals
Flex Space Gallery at Pump Project
Austin, TX
September 7-16, 2012
Opening Reception: September 7, 2012

We are announcing a call for artwork for the exhibition, Pythagoras (and Austinites) Discovering Musical Intervals, hosted at Flex Space Gallery at Pump Project for its September 2012 Exhibition Series. The opening reception will be September 7, 2012. Austin-area artists will share their interpretation of the story about the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras discovering the musical intervals.

It is said that Pythagoras stumbled upon the intervals by chance while passing by a blacksmiths' workshop. The sounds of hammers striking an anvil produced  pitches that corresponded to the same musical intervals Pythagoras had been studying. He realized that the ratios of the hammers' weights correlated to these intervals. With a constant presence in history, the imagery of Pythagoras exploring harmony with hammers and other instruments has been depicted in medieval artwork and manuscripts, alluded to in Renaissance and Baroque music, and referenced in a multitude of literature since Ancient Rome and Greece.

The most recent major interpretation was in the early 1600s. The French scholar, Marin Mersenne, dubbed the father of acoustics, declared that the narrative was a myth in his treatise on the acoustics of string instruments. Incidentally, he provided no proof for why he considered the story of the musical discovery to be a physical impossibility. Latching onto Mersenne’s rejection, modern scholarship has attempted to fill in these missing details, but, in turn, it has violated the laws of physics, in order to disprove the physicality of generating the musical intervals according to the story. Regardless of the science, the role and importance in history that the narrative previously enjoyed has been diminished. Whether or not its physicality  is real, the story of the discovery continues to have value. The exhibition, Pythagoras (and Austinites), revives the account from the stagnation of modern reception by offering the first unique interpretation in nearly 400 years and showcasing the collective artwork of Austin-based artists at Pump Project's Flex Space Gallery. Together, we will make history! Come discover the intervals with us!


Support us on IndieGoGo! (
We need your financial support to purchase wood, sheet metal, paint, PVC pipe, duct tape, and other hardware and building materials for our interactive sound installation! Our funding campaign will also pay for PA and sound equipment rental, singers performing a Renaissance piece based on the intervals, and, of course, the reception and gallery space!

Our appreciation for your contributions on IndieGoGo will include perks such as posters, patches, other commemorative items, and even pieces of our art/sound installation!


We are soliciting artwork from Austin-area artists that interprets the story of Pythagoras's discovery of the musical intervals. This will be a multi-sensory and interactive event. Artists are encouraged to propose works in any combination of the visual and performance, aural, tactile, and olfactory. Pieces must fit through a standard door size (36"x80") to fit in the gallery space. Deadline for proposals is July 16, 2012. Selection of artwork will be notified via email by August 1, 2012. Delivery of your art must be completed by the weekend of August 31. You may make your art available for sale!

Suggested medium/a:
musical composition
dance and performance art
audio/visual art
mixed media

All submissions should be sent to: pythagorasATX AT gmail DOT com

Within your email, please include:

***your name
***email address
***mailing address
***5-10 low-res JPEGS of current work
***proposed title and medium/media
***description of submitted piece (100 words max.)
***a sketch of proposed work for Pythagoras (and Austinites)

For the rest of the story about Pythagoras and more information, visit:

Questions can be sent to: pythagorasATX AT gmail DOT com