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an interface to RMChart

    pyRMChart is an interface to DLL-verison RMChart(, which is a free, lightweight and elegant chart creator.

 A sample code:

from pyrmchart import *

nParentHndl, nCtrlId, nRegion1, nSeries1=1, 1, 1, 1

#************** Create the chart **********************
T=tRMC_CHART(10,10,600,450,AliceBlue,RMC_CTRLSTYLE3D, True)
nRetVal = CreateChartI(nParentHndl, nCtrlId, T,)    #the shortcut of RMC_CreateChartI

#************** Add Region 1 *****************************
T=tRMC_REGION(5, 5, -5, -5, r"Create via INFO\9bc", True)
nRetVal = AddRegionI(nCtrlId, T)

#************** Add Series 1 to region 1 *******************************
aColor= Firebrick, LightSteelBlue, DarkGreen, LightCoral
aData=[10, 20, 30, 40]
nRetVal = AddGridlessSeriesI(nCtrlId,
                                            aData,     #len=4
                                            0,         #you see, we use 0 here
                                            aColor,    #len=4 too
                                            #0,        #but we don't need this parameter

nRetVal = Draw2File(nCtrlId, 't.png',)
nRetVal = DeleteChart(nCtrlId)

 You can download ver 0.0.1 here:

This pacakge is free even for commercial use, but you must make it clear in your manual that you used pyrmchart( in your application.

 Question: Is there other free chart tool or python lib that can create nice and modern chart?
  I mean chart, so matplotlib is not the answer.
  I said "nice and modern", so I don't think and fit.
  And I don't like JAVA and .NET