We are each born to life under a unique set of circumstances. Parents. Religion. Country. Ethnicity. Genetics. Class. An infinite number of variables, all set just so at the beginning.

We grow. We learn. We conform. We rebel. We adapt. We submit. We thrive. We strive. We interact. Every moment a point of decision. A point of gain or loss. Each moment an opportunity to utterly alter our trajectory and take a new course. Change ourselves. Change the world.

The Pyramid of Possibilities provides a myriad of paths to climb, explore, rest, reflect, and interact. Each platform is marked with a different theme: stages of life, significant events, emotions, attributes. Decoration and embellishment by participants is welcome; like the Temple, we want people to react and interact with writings, recordings, and memorabilia.

During the day, the the Pyramid provides a playground for climbing, shade from the sun, with platforms spots for quiet reflection and conversation.

At night, the Pyramid comes alive with fully interactive light strips around every platform. Normally, the lights will react to localized vibrations and activities and actions, allowing individual play. At other times, the lights will be fully coordinated across the entire structure, controlled from central control stations, interacting with sound, music, touch, and movement. Wild and wonderful patterns of color, sweeping, beating, and pulsing their welcome across the playa.

Sixty-eight hexagonal platforms, arranged in a triangular pattern on six tiers. Every platform set at a different height, from 30 inches to 25 feet above ground level. Easy-to-climb stairways on three sides of every platform, fully interconnecting them, providing a virtually infinite number of paths through this 3-dimensional maze. Hand-holds and railings promote safety, keeping climbers secure.