Sierpinski Images

Here are just a few wonderful Sierpiński inspired images.

A human Sierpiński Triangle

A computer generated Sierpiński Curve

A Coloured Sierpiński Carpet

Sierpiński Pentagons


Sierpiński Hexagons

Sierpiński Circle Carpet

Sierpiński Triangle Carpet

Sierpiński Tetrahedron built with GeoshapesTM

A NeoCubeTM Sierpinski Tetrahedron built from 2,052 magnetic balls 

See how it's made on  Youtube

A Sierpinski polyhedron

Menger Sponges or Slicing a Sierpiński Cube

When maths becomes beautiful!

A Mayan Sierpiński Pyramid

 (Now that's just showing off!)

Enter 'Sierpinski' into Google or Youtube and embark upon your own voyage of mind boggling discovery. See what more you can discover.

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