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Wacław Sierpiński

Who was Waclaw Sierpiński?

Wacław Sierpiński was a Polish mathematician (1882 – 1969) who published over 700 papers and 50 books about set theory, number theory, theory of functions and topology.

If you jump down the rabbit hole into Sierpiński's world then you will find yourself in a wonderland of NUMBERS and CURVES, CIRCLES and SQUARES, TRIANGLES and PYRAMIDS, and mathematical CARPETS.

By the way, did you know that Lewis Carroll was a mathematician too?

In Sierpiński's world you will soon drift off into the beautiful world of FRACTALS. 

Although Sierpiński did not invent FRACTALS he did he create three of the most well known fractals, 

the Sierpinski Triangle, the Sierpinski Carpet and the Sierpinski Curve.



Sierpinski Triangle                      Sierpinski Carpet                      Sierpinski Curve

In simple terms Sierpiński showed that if you repeated certain shapes or objects then you could reproduce those same objects on a larger scale… and if you can do that once then there is nothing to stop you continuing on into infinity.

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