The Pyr-a-loons are a group of artists, breaking world records for maths and fundraising for AIMSSEC, an organisation which empowers disadvantaged African children, to help themselves out of poverty,
through sustainable education.

Why Pyr-a-loons?
It's what you get when you put balloons and pyramids together

Our latest event is a SPECTACULAR 20 foot, balloon pyramid

A Guinness World Record Attempt
The World's Largest Sierpinski Pyramid (Tetrix)

Come and join us
10am till 5pm Saturday, March 15th 2014
Cambridge Science Festival
Great Court, Grafton Shopping Centre,
46, Grafton Centre, Cambridge CB1 1PS, UK

AIMSSEC, providing a better education for disadvantaged African children
African Institute for Mathematical Sciences School Enrichment Centre

See AIMSSEC's guinness-world-record article

Our first attempt:


The Pyraloons are:

The Pyraloons Plan their first Guinness World Record

Caroline "Bubblz" Ainslie, Steve Benton, David Crofts, Ian Nichols, Leanne Smith, Paul Smith, Sandra Smith,  Zoe Spurden, Lenny Williams, Neville Vooght, Pauline Vooght




A million thanks to our generous sponsors....