Revision History of SDA4PP

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0.111 4 Haziran 2009 A bug is reported by Paolo: when there is no numeric field for point layer, the plugin gives error. This is fixed only for shape files. 
0.112 11 Haziran 2009 calling rggobi without opening any layer in qgis, gives error reported by Paolo 
0.113 11 Haziran 2009 working copy of plugin code is updated to repo by mistake which created another error. corrected. 
0.114 11 Haziran 2009 the plugin gives error, when the plugin is run with the compiled files which are exist in the repo, if the compiled files are from different OS. reported by Borys. so compiled *.pyc files are removed from the repo. 
0.115 12 Haziran 2009 all folders are directed to tempdir()/sda4pp/ and first try of linked display (iplot) is released. 
0.116 13 Haziran 2009 option of choosing either to use R-cran native plot or to save graphics as png file is available in the graphics option form. by this way each tool can plot either to R plot or png file or both of them  
0.117 13 Haziran 2009 a bug related with creating folder in tmp directory is fixed. 
0.118 18 Haziran 2009 class ReadQGISLayer is rewritten. the bug for no numeric field for point layer of non shape file is fixed 
0.119 18 Haziran 2009 the bug of field type and combobox for iplot tool is fixed and it is now more faster 
0.120 19 Haziran 2009 title of msgbox for errors are standardized. some turkish log items are converted to english, first part of locator (linking R plot with map for graph tools) is done in the gfestimate tool. 
0,121 14 Ekim 2009 false revision: my mistake while working for clark evans index 
0,122 15 Ekim 2009 clark evans tool is added and request done by Paulo van Breugel for adding K and L function in the envelope tool is completed. 
0,123 16 Ekim 2009 quadrat summary result and fitted model options are added 
0,124 16 Ekim 2009 my_r2py function for conversion from Rvector to text line or python list is added in wl module 
0,125 17 Ekim 2009 local version of Ripley's K and L function tool is added. 
0,126 19 Ekim 2009 generate random point is added. 
0,127 19 Ekim 2009 progress bar is added to each tool 
0,128 19 Ekim 2009 readqgislayer is more faster now and more pretty and neatly code 
0,129 20 Ekim 2009 re-written of readqgislayer class is finalized now 
0,130 20 Ekim 2009 density tool has index dictinary instead of separate variable 
0,131 23 Ekim 2009 compute near point and distance is completed except distance matrix of two pattern 
0,132 28 Ekim 2009 the number of point is now controlled in the random tool 
0,133 28 Ekim 2009 average nearest neighbor analysis tool is added. 
0,134 4 Kasım 2009 savedialog function is added in the readqgislayer class. toolregular, toolrandom, rggobi, density and toolnear's save dialogs are structured according to this function. Toolregular bugs are fixed. 
0,135 4 Kasım 2009 official release of toolrandom: to use all vector layers extent is now possible. Instead of sending layer to R and converting to owin, qgis extent values are sent and new owin is created in the R based on qgis extent values. 
0,136 5 Kasım 2009 official release of toolregular: testing is completed. the study area can read all type of vector layers 
0,137 5 Kasım 2009 the study area can read all type of vector layers in the density tool 
0,138 6 Kasım 2009 wl.wl is re-structured for index dict 
0,139 16 Kasım 2009 distance matrix for two layer in toolnear is completed 
0,140 16 Kasım 2009 bug for giving weight from field name in the density tool is fixed 
0,141 9 Aralık 2009 the style of loading iplot package is changed due to error e-mail of Agustin Lobo. Extent of vector layer is removed from density tool. A control for no points in the new study area is added in density tool. 
0,142 9 Aralık 2009 cleaning the glitches in the plugin gui under linux is started. 
0,143 9 Aralık 2009 cleaning the glitches in the plugin gui under linux is ongoing and small improvements 
0,144 10 Aralık 2009 a bug in the density tool about not matching properly between the extent of point layer and the study area is fixed. This bug is occured after the removal of "extent of vector layer" from the combobox. an improvement in the code of toolnear about formatting output. with this way, my_r2py function in wl is removed, not needed any more. 
0,145 10 Aralık 2009 version function in __init__ is changed according to the update procedure of qgis as well as my release manager python script is changed. Sda4ppversion file is deleted, not needed any more 
0,146 10 Aralık 2009 version connection in menuAbout is fixed. 
0,147 10 Aralık 2009 false revision: my mistake while working with gui 
0,148 10 Aralık 2009 cleaning the glitches in the plugin gui under linux is ongoing 
0,149 11 Aralık 2009 finally cleaning the glitches in the plugin gui under linux is completed. 
0,150 11 Aralık 2009 tab is ordered in the gui. 
0,151  2 Şubat 2010 uniform intensity tool is added  
0,152  4 Şubat 2010 adaptive density and kolmogorov-smirnov test tools are added.  
0,153 4 Şubat 2010 clark evans and near analysis tools are removed.  
0,154 9 Şubat 2010 fitting poisson model tool is added. Optimum quadrat size is added in the quadrat tool as per requested by Guldem Saral  
0,155 9 Şubat 2010 gui cleaning for linux  
0,156 9 Şubat 2010 tab is ordered in the gui for last four tools  
0,157  15 Mart 2010 fitting code lines into the right edge indicator and new approach of layer.source in qgis 140 is adopted in readqgislayer  
0,158 16 Mart 2010 new features and bug fixes of interactive identify plugin is applied also to the plugin and zoomToRasterLayer property is moved from tools to readqgislayer class  
0,159 16 Mart 2010 bug fixed for missing infoconf.ini  
0,160 16 Mart 2010 dialog close is moved from tools to gui signal/slot  
0,161 16 Mart 2010 gui cleaning for linux by arranging all widgets in the qt designer of ubuntu  
0,162 17 Mart 2010 close button in the tools closes also opened R plots, and link to R plot is completed for Gfestimate and Klripley tools that highlights the point pairs according to the clicked distance value on the R plot.  
0,163 17 Mart 2010 all tools have now plot option including intensity and adaptive tools  
0,164 19 Mart 2010 quadrattest tool has save as SHP file option  
0,165 19 Mart 2010 bug fixed for quadrattest in save option  
0,167 19 Mart 2010 two improvements in rConsole; import layers in the TOC to R and load all plugin related R libraries, bug fix of unicode for interactive identify  
0,168 19 Mart 2010 gui cleaning for rconsole tool  
0,169 8 Nisan 2010 instead of loading related R packages for each tool in every execution, all packages are once loaded when the plugin is loaded while qgis starts. This change has created performance improvement for plugin. Each tool runs more faster, now. LoadRpackage module is renamed to LoadRlib.  
0,170 12 Nisan 2010 writing msgs to file gives error when the file have not proper permission. This error is valid for mainly linux and is fixed. Reported by Vasile Cristian Stan via Qgis-user email list.  
0,171  16 Nisan 2010 Kriging tool is added  
0,172 16 Nisan 2010 A bug in the kriging tool is fixed  
0,173 19 Nisan 2010 Another bug in the kriging tool is fixed  
0,174 11 Mayıs 2010 1. Ripley's K-L function and Rconsole tools' bug is fixed. 2. All tools' cancel button changed to close in order to try other options in the tool. Each tool will run until the close button is clicked. 3. All plots' title is set. 4. All GUIs are more smaller and nicer. 5. In the density tool, plot options are removed and plot/save checkbox is added. 6. Kriging tool's output three band raster is added in colored way. 7. G, F, K and L functions' legend option is removed from the GUI and changed as spatstat revision. 8. It is zoomed to derived shape file when the layer is added. 9. It is asked user to add raster file. 10. screenshots of each tool and results are updated in the html page and published in the home site. 11. development environment is also updated.  
0,175 13 Mayıs 2010 1. The errors related with multiple dimensions, projection system, invalid geometry and no support of unicode characters in the name of path, file, field are prevented with the informative msgbox. 2. The date bug in the about is removed. 3. Interactive selection bug in iplot is fixed.  
0,176 17 Mayıs 2010 all variable names in the tools are standardized and indexed in the index dictionary 
0,177 17 Mayıs 2010 1. two new tool is added: Polygon to Point (Centroid) and Point to Polygon (Dirichlet/Delaunay) 2. the way of plotting graphics either by using native R plot or by producing image files in the R part of tools is moved as one function under wl module. 
0,178 17 Mayıs 2010 Optional R packages for tools; Kriging, Rggobi and Linked Statistical Display are not loaded at the start up of QGIS in order to run the plugin more faster, because those packages have a very high load as requested by Paolo. These three tools' packages will be loaded each execution of the tool. 
0,179 17 Mayıs 2010 Install R packages tool is added. 
0,180 18 Mayıs 2010 changes in the load R packages style and corrections in the install R packages tool. This tool is renamed as Components/R packages 
0,181 18 Mayıs 2010 A bug is fixed in the Components/R packages tool 
0,182 19 Mayıs 2010 Small improvements in the logging message.  
0,183 21 Mayıs 2010 1. Qsettings is implemented instead of keeping user settings in the file. Graphconf.ini and infoconf.ini files are not needed any more. 2. A bug in the close R plot in the Linux is fixed. 3. Reformatting of logging. 4. GUI cleanings for Linux. 5. A bug of not refreshing r-cran native plot in Linux is fixed. 6. plot option in the Rpart of all tools are structred under sda4ppRoptions class. 7. new class, sda4ppRoptions, is implemented. R related common functions are summed under this class such as closing R plots, readOGR and plotting  
0,184 22 Mayıs 2010 Several bug from previous version is fixed.  
0,185 23 Mayıs 2010 Another bug in the implementation of QSettings is fixed.  
0,186 27 Mayıs 2010 A bug in the kriging tool reported by Paolo is fixed. 
0,187 27 Mayıs 2010 Revised by mistake. Nothing changed in the code.  
0,188 27 Mayıs 2010 A bug, reported by Givanni via qgis email list, which occurs when there is no layer in the QGIS and clicked to close button, is fixed. Init order of rpy2 is changed in each tool.  
0,189 28 Mayıs 2010 With this version of the plugin due to change in the designer to be used to form all GUIs and to use Qsettings properly, the support of pyqt smaller or equal to 4.4.3 is dropped in which ubuntu 9.04 may have this version of pyqt4  
0,190 18 Haziran 2010 small changes  
0,191 23 Haziran 2010 1. last csv, tif, img dir as Qsettings is formed and moved from UI to sda4pp. 2. CloseRplot function code is simplified. 3. ValidateUserInput module is moved under wl and infoguicontrol is moved under menuInfo, so, these two modules are removed. 4. GUI Module names are renamed to match with the module names: ui_info to ui_menuInfo, ui_infoConf to ui_menuInfoConf, ui_graphics to ui_menuGraphicsConf  
0,192 26 Haziran 2010 Options for R graphical device is expanded in the Graphic Options tool. By this way the bug for r native graphic device not fitting in the screen size for Linux is fixed or the size of graphic device can be changed now.  
0,193 1 Temmuz 2010 A bug fix for setting R device size in the envelope tool  
0.194 8 Eylül 2010 GUI clearance and bug fixes  
0.196 28 Haziran 2011 After final revision for thesis 
0.197 5 Ağustos 2011 3 new tools; Second order analysis - Diggle's D Function, Plot Histogram, Plotting Lattice Graphics 
0.198 5 Ağustos 2011 GUI clearance for Linux in new 3 tools 
0.199 5 Ağustos 2011 Plotting correction for Linux in new 3 tools 
0.200 6 Ağustos 2011 Bug fixes in displaying help pages 
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