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  • Computational BIology.
  • Distributed Computing..
  • Network File systems. 
  • High Performance computing.


  • Algorithms for Signal finding in DNA sequences

      The project, was carried out under the guidance of             Dr. S.N. Maheshwari at IIT Delhi. It aimed at understanding and revising an existing tool for locating motif instances in given gene sequences. It involved building a probability model for the problem and implementing an Expectation- Maximization based algorithm for motif identification. For more information >>

  • Shared Disk File system(SDFS) for Heterogeneous cluster using NFS+

     The project was carried out under the guidance of        Mr. Milind Borate of Veritas Software Ltd. The overall goal of the project was to build distributed file system for a clusterof heterogeneous machines, with our task being designing SDFS client for Windows and SDFS Server. The main design goal was to effectively utilize the advantage of having a shared disk between clients and server in our scenario. The SDFS Client (on Windows NT) included a File System Driver (Kernel mode) and RPC Client (User mode). The SDFS Server included Linux NFSv3 Server modified to support direct read from the Shared SCSI disk. 

  • Multi core model Simulator 

        The project aims at realizing a high speed multi-core model simulator (MCore-Sim), by extending the Simple Scalar 3.0 uniprocessor simulator. We aimed at a multi-core model simulator having a multiple threads and multiple   symmetric core models executing aforesaid multiple threads. Each of the processor core executes a thread and they are synchronized with each other to correctly simulate the execution of the program. For more information >>

  • Network based multi player Game on Disaster Management

         The project aimed at developing a Network based Multi player game on Disaster Management using C++. The Game had distributed network architecture, with each player being a node. The players communicate with each other using Remote Procedure Calling (RPC) mechanism. Other major components of the system were the Physical and Graphical Engine. The Physical engine was used to model the real world entities like actors of the game, non-living objects, movement of actors and bullets, etc. The Graphical engine was developed using OpenGL library and was used to graphics in the game.