for Symbian S60 3rd Edition Phones

The ultimate WarWalking, BlueWalking Tool and 2G/3G Netmonitor

A new feature of PyNetMony - introduced in version 2.00.00 - is an online tracking service. The service we provide is partly similar to "bightkite" ( As a user of PyNetMony you are able to upload your current position to our server. Through our Website your friends and family are able to view your last uploaded position via Google Maps ©.

    Download 2.02.03 09-02-07


    Key Features of PyNetMony:

    • GSM / UMTS Netmonitor with clf
    • WarWalking Scanner
    • BlueWalking Scanner
    • Internal, External and A-GPS
    • Online Position Tracking 
    • Voice notifier
    • Log files
    • maps download
    • custumizable
    • KML Export


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    PyNetMony is a freeware GSM, UMTS, WLAN and Bluetooth Monitor and scanner tool with support of the internal, external or assisted GPS of all new Nokia E and N Series mobile phones.

    PyNetMony shows and logs GSM and UMTS network information like Cell ID, Location Area Code, Mobile Network Code , RX level and so on in the NetMon tab.  PyNetMony supports Nobbis clf v3.0 format, but only decimal at this time, please read the readme.txt for details. PyNetMony has a voice notifier for cell changes. The white headline shows always the current cell id, how many WLAN and Bluetooth devices are in range, how many GPS satellites are fixed and the current time.



    If you use a clf V3.0 with cell coordinates, the radar shows the cell position from your GPS position. The radar can also be used for geocaching orshowing the local WLAN AP's. The Map feature downloads a map centered with the current cell or your own GPS position in 12 different zoom levels.

    Color and font size are changeable. There is an option to let the background light always on or if the current cell changes or a new bluetooth comes in range


    All found WLAN and Bluetooth devices in range are logged into a file. If you press the OK button you can toggle between SSID and MAC address. It has a WLAN and Cell Positioning System, that allowa to log WLANs with coordinates without GPS reception, e.g. in buidlings.

    You can also start a GSM/3G measurment log file, and a WLAN measurement log file, that logs the RX Lev and coordinates. You can export the WLAN database to KML, to view them in Google earth, or Kismet.




    With a detailed clf file, it is possible to calculate a neighbour cells list around your current GPS or cell position within a certain radius.

    PyNetMony supports all display sizes. And it is freeware!

    Watch this pages regularly for updates.

    Please look into the readme.txt for installation notes and documantation!

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