Free Astrological Program Written in Python

Starting from the version  7.2.0, new graphical fonts, freely downloaded from internet and modified by Margherita Fiorello,  were inserted in the program. But in such fonts the planetary glyphs were copyrighted. The author, Kenneth Hirst, has kindly contacted us with the request to remove them. To Kenneth our most sincere apologies and the gratitude for not doubting of our good faith.  In the version 8.1.0 the original font were therefore restored.

Anyone wishing to purchase a license for the proprietary version of this captivating font, can contact Kenneth on his site:

This modern version of Morinus was created starting from the official release 6.2, mainly to fix some errors at charge of the Campanus house system. During the job I noted other small details in my opinion worthy to be retouched, so I decided to go on with the project. A few features are already added, others  will be annexed later according to the TODO list.
The versions progression (6.0, 6.1, 6.2, ...) and the sizes of the starting window are voluntarily different from the usual ones to point out the different hand of the author and relieve from responsability of possible errors the laudable Robert Nagy, that I thank together with Endre Csaba Simon for their suggestions that permitted me to familiarize in a few days with the first steps of the Python language and with the procedure to compile the program to run under Windows.
About features, explanations and other details see the official Morinus sites (links below).
For the developers, in the Res folder the Readme text shows the list of the modified files compared to version 6.2. 


 V 7.0.0 (R. L.)
  • Campanian mundane positions sometimes wrong with planets nearby to the horizon: fixed 
  • Campanian terrestrial charts for planets in said positions: fixed
  • Campanian PDs for planets in said positions: fixed
  • Regiomontanian speculum for planets in said positions: fixed
  • User speculum for planets in said positions: fixed
  • Wrong text for the fourth item in the Tables menu (Mundane positions): corrected 
  • Acronyms for user promissor and significator: changed
  • Help: instructions more accurate for celestial and terrestrial PDs in chart
  • Small changes in the English and Italian languages
 V 7.1.0 (R. L.)
  • Altitude-Azimuth horizontal coordinates, the last according to the astrological notation (span of 360° starting from the East Point, counterclockwise) added in the Regio/user speculum
  • Ephemeris in the range 1800-2400 included in the package
  • Small changes in the English and Italian languages
  • Appearance2.opt (Speculum) option changed
 V 7.1.1 (R. L.)
  • Some Italian and English text changed

V 7.2.0 (R. L.)

  • Chart for "Here and Now" added in the "Horoscope" menu. The new chart is according to the "Default location" as set in the new options
  • New fonts for the planetary glyphs (edited by Margherita Fiorello, Italy. Thanks Margherita). If not active, uninstall the previous "Morinus" fonts and reinstall the new ones with the same name. Both of them are available in the "Res" folder
  • English and Italian keyboard shortcuts reordered
  • "deflocation" file added in the "Opts" folder

 V 7.3.0 (R. L.)

  • "Firdaria" added in the "Tables" menu. For nocturnal births see the related setting in "Options". Colors in agreement with the individual ones (ref. tradit. V6.2)
  • The "Antiscia" table is now modified to show the planetary glyphs always colored according to the individual colors (ref. tradit. V6.2)
  • Keyboard shortcuts  and some text changed in the Spanish version
  • "firdaria" file added in the "Opts" folder
  • Thanks to Elias Diaz Molins, Spain, for the great help given in the job
V 7.3.1 (R. L.)
  • Colors for the Firdaria table: downgrade from version 8 (Elias D. Molins)
  • Colors for the Antisce table: in agreement with signs and ASC with option for the personal colors
V 8.0.0 (Elias D. Molins)
  • Fixed stars: number increased, aspects added, orbs bug fixed
  • Dodecatemoria imported from the traditional 6.2 version
  • Dodecatemoria-Fixed stars alternative in the options
  • Dodecatemoria table added
V 7.4.0 - 801 (Roberto Luporini)
  • Celestial DP in chart: removed the forced zero value for the solar latitude
  • Table menu: dodecatemoria position changed
  • Dodecatemoria: colors according to the radix options
  • Dodecatemoria: celestial latitude set to zero
  • Antiscia: colors according to the options
  • New Spanish help (from V800)
  • Appearance1.opt file changed. The previous options are not valid anymore
V 7.4.2 - 802 (Roberto Luporini)
  • Wrong text "Planetary Hour" removed in the Personal Data box
  • Most of the Hungarian, Russian and French texts updated
  • Languages pack codes cleaned
V 8.0.3 (Roberto Luporini)
  • French texts completed (Philippe Epaud)
  • "Secondary directions" changed with "Secondary progressions" in English, French, Spanish and Italian versions 
V 8.0.4 (Roberto Luporini)
  • Keyboard accelerators updated for all the six languages the program has
  • "Find time" function renamed in "Find time and place"
V 8.0.5 (Elias D. Molins)
  • The online atlas included in Morinus was no longer active. Fixed

V 8.1.0 (Roberto Luporini)

  • Graphical Font by Kenneth Hirst removed. Restored the original ones. Please note the previous Morinus versions are legal on condition to remove the Kenneth Hirst's font and use in the program the original font as attached by Robert Nagy
  • Swiss Ephemeris from year ZERO till 2400 included in the programma. In case of births before than 1583, the Julian calender must be used

  •  Age harmonic charts
  • Evaluation of the seconds in the geographical data
  • East Point optionally in chart (useful to understand the astronomical scenery)
  • Option for the MC/IC inversion at very high latitudes when the ecliptic overlaps the horizon
  • Small texts refining
  • Inside help widened
  • Texts for the other languages updating  (if the developers want to)
  • Help guide for the other languages translation (as above)
  • ........ 

Notes on the Celestial and Terrestrial PDs in chart

If there are no ambiguities for terrestrial astronomical charts, a clarification does not hurt for the celestial ones.
Celestial PDs Charts based on the pseudo-astronomical method, can be edited taking into account the secondary motion of the planets or not. In the first case (Sec. Mot. YES) the planets are kept stationary in the local space (in mundo) except for their secondary motion, and projected onto the real ecliptic moved according to the equatorial angle of direction. In the second case (Sec. Mot. NO) the planets are moved in the local space (in mundo) according to the equatorial arc of direction and projected onto the fictitious ecliptic that is held steady with respect to this. From a three-dimensional geometric point of view, this is in any case to say that the planets are held forever in mundo in the positions they had at the time of birth, and that they are projected onto the real ecliptic that moves of diurnal equatorial motion, always according to the direction angle.

Known Bugs
  • Save As Text (PDs) should be used in english (this is not a bug but a minor inconvenience)
  • Ayanamsa: in Comparison charts only one ayanamsa is used (e.g. Radix for 1980 and Transit for e.g. 2015)
  • Ayanamsa: Exact Transits are not precession corrected
  • In Horoscope\Find time and Place, sometimes a chart is found only if "Retrograde" is unchecked and "Approximation" is used
  • It's not sure whether Secondary Progressions with the "Apparent Solar Time"-setting is correct or not
  • Rise/Set times wrong
  • Planets lords of the day/hour wrong
  • Problems with data in Tables\Speeds (maybe only with the Moon) if "Topocentric" is checked in Options/AppearanceI (it seems that it's a bug in the Swiss Ephemeris)
  • Terrestrial PDs in  chart: if the option "Sec. Motoion" is NOT selected, the POF position is wrong



  • Click on the right small arrow (as usually MorinusWinEng for the Windows executable, Morinus for the Python source). The version is the last one
  • Another download is available, ,containing several horoscopes of famous people. Source: Astrodatabank from Astodienst. For its use unzip and replace it in the main folder where Morinus is located.
Instructions and warnings
Download the Windows package MORINUSWINENGxxx e unzip it in any location in your PC. Open the folder that appeares and identify the file morinus.exe (the one with the icon) to launch the program. For a faster use we suggest to create a connection to it, to locate in a more convenient area (for example on the desktop). 
Under Windows 7 the program can not be executed  from the folders Program Files and Program Files (x86). After a change in the options, trying to save them an error message may appear (Error with the options file). Any other path is well.
As soon as a program becomes popular, on the web a lot of sites offer tools to remove it from the PC in perfect way. MORINUS HAS NOT INSTALLER AND DOES NOT MODIFY THE WINDOWS REGISTER. ANY OFFER FOR UNINSTALLERS THAT MAKE EXPLICIT REFERENCE TO THE PROGRAM DECLARING TO BE ABLE TO REMOVE  IT, IS A DECEPTION POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS.  If Morinus is not desired any more, simply delete its folder and empty the basket. In such a way no trace will remain on your computer.
For a free, powerful and reliable tool able to remove programs, we suggest the IObit Uninstaller. The download HERE.
With the current version (8.1.0) Morinus7 and Morinus V8 are terminated. The project , which was to be developed in a shared way starting from version 8., was interrupted following the decision by Elias Diaz Molins (Spain) not to proceed furter.                                       
Version 8.1.0 available below, at the end of this page.

It is also available on the SourgeForge  page that was supposed to host the new releases:

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