Lost In Wonder, Love, and Praise

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Friendly bet leads to 44 years of marriage 
By Chris Dunker, Lincoln Journal Star February 14, 2015 

    What started as a whim has lasted for 44 years of marriage. For Chuck Leypoldt, a preacher, banker, preacher again, insurance salesman and author, meeting the love of his life might never have happened without a friendly bet with a fraternity brother at Nebraska Wesleyan University. 
   "My wife was a lot more popular with the other sex than I was," Chuck said. "It wasn't that I couldn't get a date, and I had plenty of female friends, but nothing was working out." That all changed in the fall of 1968. Chuck Leypoldt arrived on NWU's campus that fall with contact lenses rather than glasses and driving a 1966 Chevy Nova.  Leypoldt and his friend - whom he declined to name - started a competition. Who could secure more dates in the month of October? 
    Determined to win the respect of their brothers in the former Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity, the two lined up several appointments as the month began. "I had four dates lined up for the start of the month," Leypoldt said. "They weren't real serious, but I was on my way!" The first date went OK. The second was forgettable. Neither were bad experiences, he said, but they weren't going anywhere. 
    The third?  "A blond sophomore named Chris Landon had caught my attention the previous year, but she always had a boyfriend and was unavailable." Leypoldt said. Until then.
    Chris agreed to accompany Chuck to a "woodsy" - essentially a drinking party in the country - where the two talked and had a good time. When they left - neither drank, as Chuck had to lead a church youth group meeting - the couple made plans to meet again the next night. 
    First, Chuck had to call off the date he already had set up the following night. Then he needed to call off the bet with his fraternity brother. "We were just having such a good time," he said. "I saw my friend having a good time, we decided to see if we could get them to go out with us the next day, and they did. "That was it for me." 
    Date number two was a Saturday night screening of "2001: A Space Odyssey" in Omaha. Chris was terribly bored by the movie, but her affections for Chuck grew. "He held my hand through it," she said. The two were inseparable from there. They were engaged less than a year later….and were married on July 11, 1970. 
    They have two children and three grandchildren. Leypoldt wrote about the beginning of his relationship with Chris in a submission to the Ladies Home Journal in 2007.  Although the story went unpublished, the "uncensored version" appears in his memoir, "Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise." 
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Where Else Can I Find It?
Museum of Methodism Library, 49 City Road, London, UK
Albion News office and Wells Drug in Albion, Nebraska
South Street Temple Gift Shop in Lincoln, Nebraska
A Little Inspiration in Geneva, Nebraska
R. F. Goeke Variety Stores in Atkinson & Bassett, Nebraska
Swedish Heritage Center, Oakland, Nebraska
Trails End Gift Shop, Ogallala, Nebraska
Soul Desires Bookstore, Omaha, Nebraska
McCormick Station, Glenwood, Iowa

Nebraska Libraries:
Ainsworth, Albion, Alliance, Arlington, Arnold, Arthur, Ashland, Auburn,  Aurora,
 Battle Creek, Beatrice, Beaver City, Big Springs, Bridgeport,  Broken Bow, Bruning,
 Burwell, Butte,  Cambridge, Cedar Rapids,  Ceresco, Chappell, Clarks, Clay Center,
Crawford,  Creighton, Crofton, Davenport, David City, DeWitt, Dodge, Douglas, Elmwood,
Eustis,  Fairmont,  Falls City, Friend, Fullerton, Geneva, Genoa, Gering, 
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 NE History Library (NSHS Lincoln),  Nebraska UMC Archives,  Neligh, Newman Grove, 
North Bend, North Loup, North Platte,  Oakland, Otoe County History Center (Syracuse), 
Ord, Osceola, Palmyra, Papillion, Pender,  Petersburg, Pilger, Plainview, 
Plattsmouth, Polk, Ponca, Ralston, Ravenna, Rushville, Saint Edward, Saint Paul,
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of My Book

"...your book was a fantastic read...seriously...was a 2 evening read down memory lane in Albion and your experiences through your career...can't wait for your next one.....thanks Chuck"    Doug Nore, Lincoln optician and Albion native

"Last night I finished your book. It was excellent, and I was astonished at the number of details, memories, and anecdotes it contained...I was also impressed by your honesty in presenting your spirituality, opinions, foibles, and the sense of humor I've always enjoyed as 'Chuck's'”   Jack McVay, Lincoln Realtor

"Finished your book last nite. Well done! Fond memories and lots of laughs." John Charles, college friend and fraternity brother

"This is the delightful, engaging memoir of a Nebraska country pastor, small town banker, and church insurance salesman...all the same person. Woven throughout the book are years of creative Christmas letters and thought-provoking sermons. Leypoldt clearly loves life with its joys, sorrows, celebrations and mysteries. He writes in a story-telling style which is easy reading. He is not afraid to be transparent in his observations about the church, his faith and his politics which is derived from his faith. I really enjoyed traveling along on his life's journey across Nebraska and all it taught him. At times, I was 'Lost in Wonder, Love and Praise!'"
                                      - Kathy Nelson, Nebraska author from Stromsburg
"Great Book. Loved the pictures. I am still reading, but Chuck did a good job. Got the book right out."
                                       - Amazon verified purchaser

Former Albionite Chuck Leypoldt pens book of his favorite stories 
By Twylla Crosby, Albion News March 4, 2015

    When he retired, former Albion resident Chuck Leypoldt of  Lincoln found he had lots of good stories tucked away on his computer, just waiting to become part of a book. 
    Growing up as a "preacher's kid" with six siblings, he became a minister himself, and then took time from his ministry to work in banking and sell insurance. 
    Neva Robinson, his seventh and eighth grade English teacher at Albion Public Schools, made language skills "interesting to me, and she encouraged me to read and write," Chuck said. 
    Her teaching and all those stories inspired him to write "Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise," in which he recalls his own escapades and those of his siblings, along with many memories of his parents, Rev. Woodrow W. and Dorothy Leypoldt. He also included stories about other family members, friends, and members of churches where his father and he served. 
    Rev. Woodrow W. and Dorothy Leypoldt moved their family of seven children to Albion in 1959, where he was pastor of the Albion United Methodist and Loretto United Methodist Churches.  Albion became the Leypoldt family's home for the next 10 years. "We all loved it there," Chuck said. 
    "This is my home, and these are my people," Rev. Leypoldt once told a friend. Woodrow took early retirement in October 1968 due to failing health. He died in February 1969,  just four days after his 54th birthday. 
    Chuck's sister, Janice of Portland, OR, is the oldest of the Leypoldt children, followed by Chuck and Gary, both of Lincoln; Doug of LaVista, Cathy of Lincoln, Steve of Beatrice and Jim of Lincoln.  Except for Janice, the family all stayed in close proximity, Chuck said.  They all attended Albion High School, and all except Jim graduated from AHS. 
    "Jim had to finish in Watertown, SD," after Dorothy Leypoldt's marriage to Don Walters, and their move to South Dakota, Chuck explained.   Chuck said he  reconnected with old friends, visited with family members and with his children, Seth and Anastasia, about some of the stories in the book.  His wife, Chris, keeps a diary that assisted with other memories that needed a bit of refreshing. 
    Chuck and Chris' son, Seth of Gering, has followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather by entering the ministry.  In his book, Chuck recalls his early fascination with the architecture of the Albion Methodist Church building and how it appeared almost castle-like to him. He tells of adventures he and his brothers had inside the building when their parents and other parishioners were not in attendance. 
    The stained glass windows in the Albion and Loretto churches and other churches he has visited have a special place in Chuck's heart.  An avid photographer, he has posted many full-color photos of decorative windows from churches around Nebraska on his website. 

Leypoldt publishes memoir entitled:
Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise 
By Tammy Partsch,  Nebraska City News-Press  March 31, 2015
    Pulling together his experiences as a pastor, businessman, husband, and father, former Otoe County resident Chuck Leypoldt has published a book about his life.
    The memoir, "Lost In Wonder,· Love, and Praise," is titled after a line in the Charles Wesley hymn "Love Divine, All Loves Excelling."
    Leypoldt has spent his entire life in Nebraska. The son of a preacher, Leypoldt grew up in Methodist church parsonages across the-state. His book details his childhood when he was influenced by, as he says, "Methodism, Cornhuskerism, and Republicanism."
    The book also chronicles Leypoldt's time in college at Nebraska Wesleyan University, and his life after college.
    His connection to Otoe County began in 1979 when Leypoldt was assigned as pastor of the United Methodist Churches of Douglas and Burr. Leypoldt also served as the business manager and grain merchandiser of Douglas Grain, Inc., from 1979-1981.
    Leypoldt expanded his career in 1981 when he started working for Dunlap Real Estate & Insurance in Douglas, a job he held until 1987. Leypoldt also worked for Farmers State Bank in Douglas, serving as assistant vice president in 1981, and later as executive vice president and CEO from 1982-1987. During that time, from 1983 to 1985, Leypoldt was the Clerk Treasurer of the Village of Douglas.
    Leypoldt and his wife, Christine, have two grown children and three grandchildren. He has been retired from Church Mutual Insurance Company since 2012.
    "Lost in Wonder, Love, and Praise" is interspersed with Biblical Scripture which Leypoldt relates to his own life. It also contains many photographs that Leypoldt has taken over the years.
    Copies of "Lost In Wonder, Love, and Praise," which was released in January 2015, can be ordered from Leypoldt's website, www.pylodet.com.

Book Contents

Foreword, 1

If I Were A Dinosaur, 2

1. Cheaters Never Win, Or Do They? 3

2. From Whence I Came, 5

3. Vilse Jag Undra, Kärlek, och Lovord, 9

4. From Diapers To Kindergarten, 13

5. The Garden Beyond The Sandhills, 17 

6. The Quest For Double U, 23 

7. Where The Sunbeams Long To Linger, 39 

8. Before Prairie Wolves Swallowed Plainsmen, 53

9. First Date, 59 

10. Living On Promises, 63

11. Parenthood, 71 

12. A Home Of Our Own In Ceresco, 77

13. An Interlude In Hebron, 93 

14. My Field Of Dreams, 95 

15. The Wurst Place In Nebraska, 119

16. A Splinter On The Banister Of Life, 139

17. One Fine Day, 151

18. A Move To The Star City, 163

19. Revisiting The Learning Curve, 171

20. Adventures Of A Happy Wanderer, 179

21. The Leader Of The Pack, 187

22. Change We Can Believe In, 203

23. Turning Sixty Five, 225

24. If Jesus Is The Answer, What Is The Question? 235

25. On Being An Older Brother, 247

26. Credo, 251

27. A Daisy A Day, 261

Concluding Photo Album, 266

Glossary Of Acronyms, 274