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 Above image is from the church at Mount St. Scholastica Convent in Atchison, Kansas. It celebrates the life of Saint Anastasia. I've taken over 20,000 pictures of church art many of which are in web albums. Oh yes, my daughter is named Anastasia.

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I am a proud grandfather of three girls.

My parents had seven children.  This picture was taken at Christmas in 1957.
Our extended family now numbers 45 with spouses, grandchildren,
 and great grandchildren.          

After 42 years in ministry, insurance, and banking, I retired in August 2012.  I will continue spinning tales, spoiling grandchildren, and pursuing the perfect picture.  I am also developing some slide shows that I will be sharing with interested groups.

My grandpa wrote a book and wants to share it with you.  Just click on the words above to learn more about it.  It has lots of stories about growing up in Nebraska and how he met my Grandma Chris and got married.  Then they had my dad and my Aunt Ana.

He used to be a pastor and a banker and an insurance agent.  Now he writes stories and takes pictures.  He told me his book might be made into a movie, but I told him "your life isn't intense enough to be a movie!"

He even put that quote in the book!   Olivia

From the First Baptist Church in Broken Bow, Nebraska

Click on this link to hear J. A. Hultman's  composition

Check out my interest in the Good Shepherd here.


Some Of My Favorite Places

A.  My Creations

B.  Work of Others

I am a Freemason, a past worshipful master, and a member of  the York Rite as well.  That means I should be addressed as:

 The Reverend
 Worshipful Brother
Sir Knight
 Charles Wesley Leypoldt 

However, Grandpa Chuck suits me just fine!

window above is from the United Methodist Church in Sterling, Nebraska
window on right is from St. James Episcopal in Fremont, Nebraska

Who/what is a pylodet?

In the 19th century a young man named Leypoldt left Germany and arrived in New York City where he found work as a bookseller.  In 1859 he opened a bookstore in Philadelphia and later began to publish.  In 1866 he and Henry Holt established the firm of Leypoldt and Holt which survives to this day under a different name. He also was a founder of the American Library Association.  Frederick Leypoldt (1835-1884) wrote many books under his own name and under the pseudonym
 "L. Pylodet."
Thus I have chosen to utilize this anagram in the 21st century digital world.

My logo photo (at top of page) is a rose from one of our flower gardens.
Chuck Leypoldt
Lincoln, Nebraska

Contact me at pylodet@gmail.com