Doctor of Philosophy, Industrial/Organizational Psychology – 2011 to 2014 
University of Waterloo 
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 
Click here for dissertation: Emotional Labour in the Global Context: The Roles of Intercultural and Intracultural Service Encounters, Intergroup Anxiety, and Cultural Intelligence on Surface Acting 

For my PhD, I investigated the antecedents and moderators for emotional labour in intercultural service encounters. I aimed to answer the following questions: In anintercultural service context, how is emotional labour experienced? Are there individual differences that can protect one from the negative consequences of emotional labour in these interactions? To answer these questions, I conduct field survey research in service-oriented organizations. 

Master of Arts, Industrial/Organizational Psychology – 2009 to 2011 
University of Waterloo 
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada 
Click here for thesis: Cultural Mosaic Scale Development: A New Approach to Multicultural Work Groups 

For my MA, I mainly worked as part of an inter-university research team studying the “Cultural Mosaic,” which we define as a belief in a type of multicultural work group in which members’ distinct cultural heritages, values, and practices are mutually recognized and accepted by the group, and are leveraged in the group’s activities.  For my master’s thesis, I validated the Cultural Mosaic Scale in four studies with working adults and undergraduate student samples. 

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Bachelor of Science, Biology, Ecology Option – 2002 to 2007 
University of British Columbia 
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

International Baccalaureate and High School Diploma, Graduated with High Honors – Class of 2002 
International School Bangkok 
Bangkok, Thailand