The Observatory


Sputnik 1 Observatory 

I am constructing My Observatory in January 2008.

The Sputnik 1 Oservatory will be located in my backyard in Merriwa, in the northern coastal suburbs of Perth WA.


Plan One

This is plan one the standard gardern shed observatory

Plan Two


Sky Pod's

Very Cool

But Expensive


 The Pier


This is the new and inproved pier. 

I had to make a few slight modfications due to the counter wieghts hitting the corners of the top plate,

I solved this problem by cutting 30mm of each side of the top plates. 

 It cost me nothing to build the only thing that I had to buy was the paint.

The top 270mm square and bottom plate is 300mm sqaure and made out of 10mm steel

The pipe is 165mm in diameter

And from the base to the top plate is 1200mm- 1300mm

The plan it to have at least 100mm - 200mm  of the pier under the floor of the obs.