Planetary Objects


Comet McNaught caught over Mount Nameless


Comet LONEOS C/2007 F1

These are the best of the photo's that i took of comet Loneos

on the 4/11/2007

Exposure are 40 sec each through and ED80 and Pentax ist DL.


Comet LONEOS C/2007 F1

on the 6/11/07


Comet Homles

Taken on the 02/12/07

1x 30 sec shot






Take with a Meade LPI in an 8" Dobo with 2x barlow lens

Processed in Registax 4 and touched up in Adobe Photoshop


Almost a Full Moon

This photo was taken on the 28.7.07 with an ED80 and a Pentax istDL, the exposure was 1000th of a sec and i touched it up in Adobe Photoshop


Total Lunar Eclipse 28.08.07