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Hey my name is Pykie and this is my Astrophotography Site.

I live in the north west of Wesern Australiain a small town called Tom Price. The skies are dark and light pollution hasn't heard about this place yet. The closest coastline is 400kms away, and the desert is the same distance in the otherway. The town is in a sweet spot for astrophotography.  

My Gallery is a collection of my best and not so best photo's of the many great heavenly bodies that we have in our vast Universe.

All photo's will be getting updated and i get better gear and get better at Astrophotography.

The photo's The Messier Catalog are a joint venture between myself and my best mate Boydy at the Inner Santum Observatory.

 If ya wanna see my most resent photo that i have put on my site just click on the Link below....

Click on the link below and check out my photo of

Comet Loneos on the 5/11/07.....

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