Games Developed by Palo Alto Middle / High School Student

All games developed by the same middle school boy at home as a hobby.

Written at age 14.  2d tile map game.  Player runs through a maze to get from one point of water to another.  Student is now in high school in Palo Alto.  Sports are definitely cutting into his software development time.

Video of Game Being Played

Technical Information
  • Reads in JSON map file from disk created with Tiled.  Can read in any map with any tileset.
  • Converts JSON data into Python dictionaries.
  • Converts multiple tilesheets stored on disk into ists of tiles with Surface.subsurface()
  • Handles collision detection by storing objects like a tree or rock into a list of rectangles
  • Builds each layer of the map displayed on the phone screen as a single surface and then merges it together with blit
Game author enjoying surfing the day before software development


Written at age 13.  2d side scroller game with plot.  A man is trying to escape from a desolate wasteland.  He's running and jumping over obstacles.

Escape 2d side scroller

Technical Information

  • Uses one giant image as the scrolling background.
  • blit area moves the image
  • blit is used to slice the animation tilesheet.


    Developed at age 13.  First 2d tile map game on Android.  Game features 8 levels and a basic plot.  

    Swarm - Mobile game on Android

    Technical Information

    • Extensive use of sprites and sprite groups
    • Uses individual square graphic tiles that were saved as separate files.  
    • Does not use map files.  No JSON or tmx data.
    • Heavy use of loops in tile placement.


     Developed at age 12 and 13.  Shooter game.  First game on Android. 

    Aliens - Android Game

    Technical Information

      • Uses objects.  No sprites.
      • Objects are stored in lists.  No sprite groups.
      • Time triggers for bombs are based on milliseconds, not cycles.