Staunton 0.10 RC 1 - 2010/10/15

This is the only planned release candidate before 0.10 final. Lots of bugs fixed and the new seek dialog is more polished now. Please update your translations on !

Download: TarballRpmDeb

Staunton 0.10 Beta 4 - 2010/08/15

This is mostly a bugfix release, but it also contains a few new features, like a brand new seek dialog and support for Diablo, Amy and Amundsen engines.

Download: TarballRpm

Staunton 0.10 Beta 3 - 2010/04/25

This is mostly a bugfix release, but it also contains a few new features, such as Corner chess variant and Stockfish engine support.

Initial XDG Base Directory Specification support also added. What was previously

~/.pychessconf now lives at ~/.config/pychess/config
and log files will be in
~/.local/share/pychess as per the XDG specification.

Download: TarballRpm•Deb

Staunton 0.10 Beta 2 - 2009/10/19

This is mostly a bugfix release, but it also contains a few new features, such as premove support and figures in promotion dialog.

Download: TarballRpm

PyChess wins Les Trophées du Libre! - 2009/6/11

Last week PyChess won the first price in Les Trophées du Libre in categori: Hobby/ Recreational. A thanks go to everyone who has helped to move PyChess forward.

In the picture on the right you can see from left: Neverball that won the seccond price, DJL that won the third price and PyChess that won the golden copyleft.

PyChess in Les Trophées du Libre

A little while ago PyChess was nominated in the Les Trophées du Libre. We're looking forward to the event in about in month. :)

Staunton 0.10 Alpha 2 - 2009/2/12

This is mostly a bug fixing release, but it also contains a few new features, such as a 'Play Rematch' button, which appears after games are finished.

A special thanks to all the new people who have helped test the release.

Download: TarballRpmDeb

Staunton 0.10 Alpha Announcement - 2008/12/21

More than a year after PyChess Philidor 0.8 went went into beta, we now present PyChess Staunton 0.10 Alpha!

The release is named after Howard Staunton, who is regarded as the world's strongest player from 1843 to 1851. And while we are still using the old theme for the chess pieces, we hope to get a real Staunton theme before going final.

The release contains a lot of general improvements, but the two most important changes in this release are the possibility to play different variants of chess, as well as chat on the online chess community, FICS.

The five largest changes:

  • With support for chess variants, PyChess now allows you to play Fischer Random with your majors shuffled, to play Losers chess with being mated as your goal, or simply playing odds chess as an additional way of giving a player a handicap.
  • On-line play has been enhanced with chat support. Besides chatting with your opponent, the FICS community has several channels, in which you can discuss chess and varies of other topics.
  • The FICS support has also been improved with built-in Timeseal support. This helps to terminate lag, and is especially helpful in very fast games, like bullet chess.
  • If you prefer to play off-line, PyChess now lets you choose from eight different play-strengths. The built in PyChess engine has as well been extended 'in both extremes' now making many more human like mistakes in the easy mode, and playing at more than double strength in the hard mode.
  • UI-wise, PyChess takes use of a new pure-python docking widget, which lets you rearrange the sidepanels by wish.

Links: A longer list of changes, Screenshots

New Screenshots from PyChess 0.9 - 2008/9/21

The development of PyChess Staunton is steadily progressing. Two screenshots from the nightly built has been uploaded.

If there are anything, that keeps you from using PyChess, or which would make using it much more giving and fun, feel as always very free to post to the forums, mailing list or issue tracker.

Philidor 0.8.1 Released - 2008/3/27

While the work on Stauton is fastly progressing, a few bugs has been reported on the Philidor release. These should now be fixed.

  • Made PyChess start a game correctly when choosing Black.
  • Fixed window resize problems on start-up
  • Fixed icon lookup error on some systems
  • Added port 5000 as alternative for FICS
  • Fixed some button size problem with the industrial themes
  • Made PyChess identify itself on FICS, to support the statistics

Philidor Goes Gold! - 2008/2/19

PyChess Philidor 0.8 has been released. This happens after nearly a yearcoding, and a rewrite of large parts of the codebase for stability and
features. If you haven't already beaten fruit, gnuchess, pychess-engine
and your friend with PyChess, now is time to!

The most prominent new features include:

In these days, the development of PyChess Stauton 1.0 has just begun. We strive to makethis the greatest free chess client out there, so if you have opinions,don't let them go unheard on the mailing list!

If you would like help fix the translation of PyChess in your language,
see to get

Happy winning!

Philidor Beta 4 Released! - 2008 / 1 / 18

PyChess Philidor 0.8 beta4 has been released! This fixes many problems which have been reported at the PyChess issue tracker, and includes translations in more than 23 languages.

If no more serious bugs are found, this will be named final, but in order to ensure everything is perfect please check it out and tell us what you think!

Major changes include:

  • Made new games start more smoothly
  • Made PyChess easier to beat on easy levels
  • Added Toga 2 to supported UCI engines
  • Made opening files from the commandline, or over http, work better
  • Made PyChess never resign, so that people have the fun of mating
  • Added translations from Rosetta
  • Made pgn-load errors more informative
Find the entire changelog at the wiki.

Philidor Beta 3 - Christmas time - 2007 / 12 / 25

I'm pleased to announce, that a new PyChess Philidor 0.8 beta has been made available.

It was headed as a Christmas release, and it contains the following changes:

  • Fixed a gtk/threading bug in loading files from command line
  • Fixed an IndexError when the count of installed engines shrunk
  • Fixed bugs in -, and improved logging
  • Cleaned up shortcut and accelerator keys
  • Made side panel hide properly in FICS games
  • Fixed typos in rarely touched code
  • Added better distinction between manually and automatically accepted seeks
  • Disabled sound availability test, as it produced false positives
  • Made load preview show the latest, rather than the earliest, position
  • Faster parsing of SAN moves and PGNs
  • Improved engine path handling
  • Made gstreamer optional

As Tamás has found some pretty critical further issues, it might take one or two more beta releases before we can declare it final.

Also, the larger Philidor text-base isn't yet translated to near to number of languages that Greco had, so if you feel like it, head to and make some noise!

However, merry Christmas, or happy holiday season to your all!

PyChess on CNR - 2007 / 12 / 5

Whether or not it'll ever meet its goal of being one of the most used repositories out there, CNR will surely be able to boost knowledge about PyChess, especially if you head in their and give it a nice rating! PyChess at

We are already doing pretty fine on "Chess" and "Board games"

Oh, and by the way, you should look around here again some time near Christmas, as Beta 3 is just on the steps.

Philidor is now Beta 2 - 2007 / 11 / 21


  • Auto answer private chat messages
  • Auto decline adjourn challenges
  • Fixed a race condition
  • The rating table should update after game ends

External engines:

  • Fixed a CECP crash on undo
  • Made sure engines are restested every time PyChess start

Built-in engine:

  • Better time control
  • Minor speedups
  • Fixed bug in quiescent search
  • Depth check in transposition table


  • Made "Use Sound" check-button insensitive when gstreamer sees errors

PyChess Philidor beta! - 2007 / 10 / 30

After the by far longest PyChess development cycle, version Philidor beta, codenamed 0.8 beta, has been released!

The long development time covers a close to total rewrite, the most throughout testing for a PyChess release yet, and a massive new base of features. Many of which users have been screaming since the first alpha of PyChess.

The new features includes, but are not restricted to:

  • FICS online Internet play.
  • Undo and pause functions.
  • Support for UCI engines like Fruit, Glaurung and Shredder.
  • Ability to turn analysers on/off, and to decide which engines should be used.
  • An "Enter game" in pgn dialog.
  • New fast start greeting screen.
  • A 30x faster built in python engine.
  • Internationalized or figure pieces in notation .
  • Optional sounds.
  • A comments side panel that helps you explain the moves made.
  • Pychess now use Launchpad Rosetta for i18n

It should be noted, however, that even though the FICS implementation is generally very stable, it hasn't yet got support for chatting and console communication. Thus it should be used with some care.

We encourage everyone to try out the release, and report the bugs (if any) you find.

If you'd like to see PyChess translated into your language, you can help us from the web interface at

And remember: "The Game of Chess is not merely an idle amusement; Several very valuable qualities of the mind, useful in the course of human life, are to be acquired and strengthened by it" - Benjamin Franklin, 1779

Thanks, Pychess team

PyChess 0.6 Final! - 2007 / 4 / 11

After a long beta phase we have decided to release PyChess 0.6 final version.

This fixes a few crashes, including the long requested crash which occurred seemingly randomly for many Debian/Ubuntu kernels.

Looking forward to get 0.8 beta out the door! Enjoy.

PyChess 0.6.0 beta - 2006 / 12 / 16

PyChess 0.6.0 beta is out! (I really need some creative people for finding version names. Numbers suck :D) Grab it before it is replaced!

  • PyChess 0.6 introduces new tabbed interface.
  • It implements more pgn features, like metadata and the possibility to open any game at any position.
  • It now has an animation system, and supports drag'n'drop.
  • Much work has been put into making pychess 0.6 must faster and much more stable.


PyChess 0.4.1

The first bugfixing release of PyChess 0.4 has been released. This fixes all problems people have reported to 0.4 release.

Download from: Gnomefiles

PyChess on the top of gnomefiles!

After the latest release PyChess has been voted up to 9.22 on, which is the best score of all applications on the page! As of writing, it has got 50 votes, which is a third of nerolinux - the most downloaded application - so I guess it isn't that bad guys!

Pychess 0.4 is out!

We have now released the 0.4 version of PyChess!

This version brings a lot of new requested stuff:

  • You can now Load and Save games in both PGN format and EPD/FEN!
  • You can now see hints, tips and openings to help you make better move decisions.PyChess
  • now helps you evaluate the game, showing you a scoreplot of the game's development, helping you finding the breaking points in the game.PyChess
  • now supports all CECP engines, instead of only Crafty and GNU Chess. It also uses a better Linux way of handling the subprocesses, making sure they exit probably when PyChess exits or is killed.PyChess
  • 0.4 Has a builtin pythonbased chessengine, letting you play chess out of the box. (Most people will still want other engines however)
  • PyChess 0.4 fixes a lot of bugs and should be even faster than 0.2

python-sqlite2 is added as a dependency.

Feel free to report any bugs you find. Packagers are also very welcome!


the release of version 0.2, pychess has got a fairly large amount of attention. There has been new people offering to join the project, and help doing things like ICS, Network, Eyecandy and PGN.Also

there has been talk about merging with glChess, sharing codebase with chessmonk etc.In

the last couple of days, I've been working on an Oracle class, that is supposed to be the backend for the analysiz panel, the hint/spy functions and the openingbook panel, of which I uploaded a screenshot today.

Version 0.2! (Noname)

I've released version 0.2 of Pychess. It is not 100% bug free, but perhaps 95% :). I'll close anything posted in the issue tracker, but I will now also look forward into some of the purposed features.

I thought of giving it some kind of cool name, like the big projects, but couldn't think of anything better than "the flying beaver", which google tells me is already taken, so I skipped it.

Feel very free to post bug reports and to join the project :D

New homepage!

I've created this page using google pages in about half an hour. The interface is a little slow, but still you really quickly get something out working.

It even works with my google/firefox spellchecking :D (luckily)