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1. The Bridges Park at French Creek West


The Green Team is advocating for the creation of a new park, The Bridges Park at French Creek West. This park will be part of the 
Phoenixville Greenway the ten (10) miles of linear park along the Schuylkill River and French Creek in Phoenixville.

The proposed park will provided needed Open Space and a spectacular view of the town directly across the creek from the  Foundry. The Bridges Park vision is to create three public venues, connected by trails up the hillside. We are advocating Chester County, the Boro of Phoenixville, and the developer of French Creek West to begin work on creating this new Open Space and Public Park at the center of the re-development along French Creek of the former Phoenix Steel site. This very vertical site is a tremendous opportunity to create many different interesting spaces for public enjoyment.

The proposed park site include several hillside parcels directly across the creek from The Foundry. The view shed from the area is tremendous!  The change in elevation will allow for passive recreation trails, open space and the opportunity for three public space areas with tremendous potential for public venues: one at the creek elevation, the second at the railroad right-of way elevation mid way up the hill and the third hilltop elevation along Vanderslice Street.
Public Venue  #1 - The Park Place

The vision is to design The Park Place, the proposed parking lot at French Creek West development to accommodate public venues as part of the many festival and celebrations in town along the French Creek. The developer has indicated their willingness as long as the design works as a parking lot and is an attractive gateway to the 500+ residential development.  We urge the Boro to work with the developer with public input to design the parking lot to create a unique space to integrate into overall design vision of the The Bridges Park. 

Public Venue #2  - The Plaza Stage

The vision is to design The Plaza Stage as an entertainment and exhibit area and as the Phoenixville Gateway to the the Devault Rails to Trails project.   The Green Team is advocating that the Boro initiate the planning to extend the Devault Trail  further into the Boro and create a gateway park plaza at the end of the abandoned railroad elevation at Bridge Street. The Plaza can host the trail connection and include a public plaza, an exhibit area and a stage. The site elevation is high enough to create a stage to allow for large musical events to be hosted utilizing the public spaces below in the valley including The Park Place, the trails and creek valley roadways below and the areas across the creek adjacent to the Foundry.

Public Venue  #1 - Vanderslice Lookout

The top elevation along Vanderslice Street is one of the best views of the French Creek  and Schuylkill River valley below. This site can provide quality Open Space and access to the Devault trail below