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Goals and Objectives

Brownfield Remediation – Encourage and aid in redevelopment of Brownfields within the target area.

  1. Successfully advocated for remediation of the former PolyChem building with reuse of the building as an educational center
  2. Advocate for a brownfield remediation project on the Phoenix Steel Site
  3. Encourage zoning density with Brownfield reuse
  4. Encourage LERTA for Brownfields
  5. Encourage Renewable energy on brownfield projects                                                                                    
  6. Target Brownfield with developers and buyers
  7. Identify all potential brownfields
    1. Gas stations
    2.  Former industrial property
    3. Site with “Notice of Intent” to remediated – 13 properties
    4. Area comprising the school district boundaries

Walkability – Create an accessible way to ensure pedestrian mobility throughout the target area.

  1. Help improve streetscape for downtown Phoenixville.
  2. Advocate for handicapped ramps on Bridge Street and Nutt Road
  3. Advocate construction of the Phoenixville Greenway
  4. Advocate trail system connections to other townships  
  5. Encourage traffic calming in residential and commercial areas.
    1. Identify areas
    2. Identify proper tactics to clam areas
  6. Encourage Safe Routes to School

Public Transit/Biking – Ensure that alternative transportation/mass transportation is available to the target area.

  1. Work with SEPTA on rerouting of bus line to service north side of Phoenixville
  2. Advocate the development of train transportation to Montgomery County and Philadelphia
  3. Promote Bike Lanes and bikeability of the region
  4. Sponsor bike safety events – Business and Police
  5. Work with SRHA on continuation of bike share and distribution
  6. Increase knowledge of current bike trails – bike maps at different locations (Borough, Stores, YMCA, Schools)

Natural Resource and Water Conservation – Maintain the nature of the rural countryside with an urban center.

  1. Completed institution of a Regional Planning effort.
  2. Work to develop workable method for transfer of development rights – multi-municipal
  3. Educate on Rain Water Harvesting, Innovative storm water management
  4. Stream cleanups
  5. Work with planning commision to preserve quality open space in urban areas
  6. Advocate preservation of existing sensitive areas and habitats
  7. Advocate the Preservation of  view sheds
  8. Promote restoration of waterways by promoting rational buffer management
  9. Promote and encourage native and indigenous plant species control non-indigenous invasive species
  10. Educate on methods for naturalizing yards

Waste and Recycling – Promote methods of integrating recycling and waste management throughout the target area.

  1. Successfully worked with Phoenixville Boro on thier compost area
  2. Work to find location to recycle florescent lamps
  3. Promote awareness of Recycling Program
  4. Promote commercial/residential composting of organic waste
  5. Promote construction waste recycling

Energy Conservation – Promote methods of energy efficiency and Renewable energy in the target area.

  1. Encourage Institutions, Businesses, School District and Hospital to re-think energy policies and efficiencies.
  2. Encourage Energy Audits
  3. Promote energy star benchmarking of commercial buildings
  4. Promote renewable energy
  5. Promote landscaping for energy conservation
  6. Encourage energy efficient upgrades and rehabilitation

Buy Local – Encourage residents to purchase locally produced goods.

  1. Successfully assisted in the setup of Farmer's market.
  2. Successfully advocaed for the utilization of a local supplier for street poles and amenities in design development of streetscape
  3. Promote local sources of consumer groups and services

Encourage the construction retrofit and operation of Green Buildings

  1. Advocate for Green Building Ordinance
  2. Incentivize Green Building in the Boro of Phoenixville
  3. Educate on Green Buildings
  4. Green Building Tours