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4. The Giants Causeway - Extending the French Creek Trail

The Phoenixville Greenway is an ambitious plan to create a ten (10) miles of linear park along the Schuylkill River and French Creek in Phoenixville. The Green Team  is advocating Chester County and The Boro of Phoenixville start work on connecting the French Creek Trail to the Schuylkill River thru the RR Canal Underpass, rebuild the Spillway and construct the Black Rock Dam Canoe Portage.

The French Creek Trail was recently extended along the Riverworks apartment complex to the Canal Trail Rail Road Underpass. This 60' long underpass is the only trail section blocking access to the The Schuylkill River Loop, the 6k trail system along the Schuylkill River in Chester and Montgomery Counties. 

At the other end of the trail in the Boro is a section that needs to be built to connect to the trial at along the Creek at the Phoenixville Plaza Shopping Center.