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The Phoenixville Green Team is a group of local volunteers advocating the vision of a greener community that preserves the environment and promotes healthy, sustainable lifestyles and businesses.

We develop and support local initiatives, build awareness and motivate people on how to “live, work, and play the Green Way” in the Greater Phoenixville Area.

We are always looking for curious, passionate members interested in exploring, advocating and creating local, sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to improve and enjoy our community.

The Green Team merged in 2015 with Phoenix Iron Canal and Trails Association (PICTA) adding the mission of the completing the 10 mile Phoenixville Greenway, a riparian buffer and trail system along the French Creek and Schuylkill River.

 Our mission is to promote Community, Health and Sustainability

 The Green Team has active projects pursuing the following goals: 

*       Natural Resource and Water Conservation

*       Public Transit / Walkability / Biking

*       Reduce, Reuse, Recycling

*       Energy Conservation / Renewable Energy

*       Buy Fresh - Buy Local 


*       Conducted Walkability Study to identify improvements with Borough of Phoenixville

*       Rerouted bus line to service north side to enhanced public transit access with SEPTA.

*       Co-Sponsored “Bike Schuylkill-Phoenixville” FREE BIKE with Phoenix Cycles and SRGA

*       Created a Green Business Designation with the Phoenixville Chamber of Commerce.

*       Partnered with Seventh Wonder to create the Community Garden at Reservoir Park. 


*       Monthly Forum           Coordinates presentations and discuss – 3rd Wednesdays at Molly Maguire’s

*       Bike Schuylkill           Manages FREE BIKE program with Community EcoCenter and SRGA

*       Gardening                  Supports the Beatification Commission and local garden efforts

*       Green Earth Festival   Organizes an annual celebration of local green businesses and initiatives

*      Greenway                   Advocates for green space and the completion of the Phoenixville Greenway 


We create opportunities to lead, serve and support a sustainable Phoenixville for everyone. Join us!