Synfig stuff

Update: As of June 20th 2007, these icons are live in Synfig release 0.61.06

Synfig icons

We're exploring using the Tango look and feel for Synfig Icons. On the left, the old (current) icons. On the right, the new, Tango icons (mockup).

This is going to involve two steps - mapping the icon names to the equivalent Tango names, and recreating the Tango items in Synfig.

For reference -

Tango homepage

Tango ArtLibreSet

The following template will describe

  • The current Synfig Icon name
  • The current Synfig Icon
  • Tango Icon if available
  • Equivalent Tango Icon Name
  • SIF version of the Tango Icon

OK, here we go...

Normal, Smooth Move, Scale, Rotate

Bline, Circle, Rectangle, Gradient

Eyedrop, Fill, Zoom, Mirror

Other icons

draw, sketch, width, polygon

(New, Open, Save, SaveAs, Save All, Undo, Redo, are provided by GTK)

Here's what the new icons look like in their natural habitat

Zipfile of new icons with old names (these can be unzipped into ../synfig/share/pixmaps of existing builds)

Zipfile of icons with new names

Zipfile of sifs