My, God, why have we abandoned
both You and Your Nonviolent Way,
mistreating by our actions, words,
Your daughters, sons, whom You do love?

Unfortunately, God, You see
them beaten, bombed, stabbed, shot, abused,
aborted, tortured, killed; or robbed
of land, wages and dignity.

Some peoples are invaded, God,
at times for their religion, race,
or for their resources, and wealth
by men who claim strong faith in you.
They ask your blessing on their wars
which they conduct against Your Will.
Religious leaders usually
bless, pray for those fighting wrong wars.
They don't shout that "this war is wrong."

O God, how does Your Heart endure
the suffering of those You love,
the suffering we cause each other?
You are in each and every one.
You feel their pains ad Your Own pain.
We are insensitive to You
present in all we injure, kill,
abuse, exploit, starve or neglect.

Please heal the blindness in our minds.
Unfreeze and warm our cold hearts.
We Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews,
too often we are obstacles
to peace and justice God demands.

God, help us live more godly lives,
to follow Your nonviolent Way,
give up all hatreds, violence, wars;
not rationalize wrong we do.
You ask we be peace-instruments,
reflect Your mercy here on earth,
be blest as persons merciful,
compassionate, respectful, just,
to those we meet on path of life.

-Denny O'Mara 11-17-09
On Wakening At 4:30am!