Mission statement

Pax Christi El Paso Mission Statement

Pax Christi El Paso contributes to building peace and justice by exploring and articulating the ideal of Christian nonviolence and by striving to apply it to personal life and the structures of society.  Pax Christi El Paso invites Catholics and other concerned individuals to respond to the Church’s call to reject war and other forms of violence and domination and to take an active role in making secure a peace based on justice and love.

As a local group member of Pax Christi USA, Pax Christi El Paso seeks to establish peacemaking, social justice, and care for creation as  priorities for the Catholic Church in the El Paso and Juarez area.  To accomplish this, Pax Christi El Paso works with our Bishop, various Catholic parishes, communities and agencies, and also collaborates with other groups dedicated to a more peaceful, just, and sustainable world.

Since personal and social transformations are closely related, Pax Christi El Paso finds its strength in the efforts of committed individuals to follow the Gospel imperatives of peacemaking, justice, and love.