About Pax Christi El Paso

Blessed are the peacemakers

My command to you is: love your enemies, pray for your persecutors.
(Matthew 5:44-45)

Earthly peace is the image and fruit of the peace of Christ, the messianic Prince of Peace.
(Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2305)

The question may be asked: Did Christ come only to reconcile humanity with
God, or did he also come to reconcile us with one another? This question
presumes another: Did Jesus accept the violent ways of the world? The answer
the Gospels give us is clear. The salvation and reign of God which Jesus
brought with him is characterized above all by the attribute of peace. Jesus
is our peace. By his cross we have been reconciled with God. In his own body
all human division was overcome. He calls us to be reconciled with one

To value and promote peace is the responsibility and duty of all human
beings. This is what the members of Christ know and what Pax Christi

Pax Christi, a Catholic peace movement, began in France near the end of the
Second World War.  Bothered by the fact that French and German Catholics had
fought and killed one another in the war, a small group of people began
meeting to pray for peace and reconciliation.  Pax Christi centers were
first established in France and Germany, and by the early 1950s the movement
had spread to other countries in Europe.  Pax Christi began in the United
States in 1972.  Today, Pax Christi has over 60 thousand members in more
than 30 countries, with a growing presence in Latin America and Africa. 

"To work for peace for all humankind, always witnessing to the peace of
Christ." That statement of purpose unites Pax Christi members throughout the
world.  Through prayer, study, and action, they work on a variety of issues
in such fields as human rights, disarmament, economic justice, and the

Members of Pax Christi El Paso strive to live in a spirit of non-violence by
what they say and do.  They pray for forgiveness and reconciliation in the
world, provide peace education, organize events in parishes and elsewhere,
protest manifestations of violence, work to eradicate discrimination and
other injustices in the El Paso-Juárez area, and collaborate with
like-minded organizations.

Pax Christi El Paso was organized in July 2002. In 2003, we coordinated a
diocesan collection to help war-ravaged Christians in Iraq.  Beginning in
2004, we have sponsored a Mass for Peace and Reconciliation in a different
El Paso parish each year near the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima.
At present, we have a public showing of a movie on a peace-and-justice theme
each month.  Studies conducted at our monthly meetings have included
globalization, Christians and the Middle East, and ways of non-violence for
the 21st century.

We invite concerned Catholics and others to evaluate war with an entirely
new attitude and to respond to the Church's call in building the kingdom of
peace and justice. We invite you to join us at our next meeting!