Watch The Wolverine Online Free & Download Full Movie This time round director James Mangold brings us an adaptation of the 1982 comic that is a sequel to X-Men: The Last Stand. An adamantium-clawed mutant, Logan (Hugh Jackman), receives a request to travel to Japan to say goodbye to an old friend, an ailing Yashida (Hal Yamnouchi). Years earlier, Logan had saved the Japanese boy-soldier when the atomic bomb fell on Nagasaki. With a new lease on life, Yashida went on to become an industrial giant after the war. He is now an old man on his death bed who proposes that Logan ‘pass on’ his healing abilities. In return, Yashida will relieve him of his immortality.

Watch The Wolverine Online Free & Download Full Movie A suspicious Logan, while captivated by the idea of ‘eternal rest’, rejects the offer. Yashida then asks Logan to protect his beautiful granddaughter, Muriko (Tao Okamoto), to whom he has bequeathed his empire, bypassing her father as his heir.

Watch The Wolverine Online Free & Download Full Movie This is where the movie transitions. In much of the second act Logan comes up against his trauma caused by what happened to Jean Grey in the third installment of X-Men (We can’t give it away). If the action sequences were not that distracting, this would have been a rich vein to mine. The one thing that gives Wolverine his strength and his identity is the bane of his life as well. Life is full of irony. The blessings of power, or say immortality, are double-edged; duality has always been the bread and butter of heroes and villains.