Lest you feel I broke the cardinal rule of internet reviews and forgot to put a spoiler alert before giving you this synopsis, don’t worry, I haven’t spoiled anything. In fact, I have revealed nothing that hasn’t already be shown in the trailer for the film, but many have also complained that the trailer itself gives away too much. Don’t worry, it doesn’t . This movie is so much more than the glimpses we have been allowed to see, both literally, in terms of what actually happens in the story, and figuratively, because Prisoners is a strikingly stark thriller whose psychological effects on the audience goes far beyond the specifics of the plot. Prisoners is firmly in the vein of the underappreciated suspense-drama genre. The genre is a personal favorite of mine and even though it is all too commonly filled with cheap exploitative schlock that solely relies on labyrinthine narrative machinations to keep its audience engaged, when it is done right, there is nary a film that can mesmerize and keep you on the edge of your seat like the well-crafted thriller. Prisoners, I am happy to say, is a fine example of the genre done right. The setting is a cold, wet Pennsylvania town in November, a place isolated enough to be surrounded by woods yet populous enough to have bland suburban streets, where two neighboring families are having dinner together when their 6-year-old daughters disappear. Keller Dover (Jackman), a struggling carpenter, responds with the impatience you would except from any father - until the spookily quiet suspect (Paul Dano) is released. If you've seen any version of the trailer (you can find one here), you'll know that Keller then turns vigilante, while his friend Franklin (Terrence Howard), the father of the other missing child, has qualms about Keller taking the case into his own brutal hands. Watch Prisoners Online, Watch Prisoners Free, Prisoners Online, Prisoners Online Free, Prisoners Online Free, Watch Prisoners Online Full Movie, Prisoners Full Movie, Watch Prisoners Online Free HD, Prisoners online HD, Watch Prisoners Movie Online, Watch Prisoners Movie Online Free, Prisoners Movie Online HD, Download Prisoners Free, Free Download Prisoners Movie, Prisoners Movie Free Download