I have no idea why anybody would want to see a third “Riddick” movie in 2013. We first met Riddick (Vin Diesel) in a 2000 sci-fi/horror movie called “Pitch Black.” The film turned a small profit, making $39 million at the domestic box office on a budget of $23 million.

Four years later, Vin Diesel was a bigger star, and so a bigger budget was allotted for a sequel. “The Chronicles of Riddick” cost $105 million and flopped at $56 million. It also got dreadful reviews and took years off Diesel’s career. Now we’re being asked to rejoin a franchise whose last installment was a movie that lost nearly $50 million nine years ago.

To be fair, the new film tries its best to distance itself from “The Chronicles of Riddick.” All too quickly Riddick forfeits his title of Lord Marshal of the Necromongers (don’t ask) in exchange for a ride to his home planet. The Necromongers instead take him to an unfamiliar desert planet where they leave him for dead. And just like that, “Chronicles” is written off and I say good riddance. The elaborate fantasy world of that film was too expensive and it was a bad fit for Riddick’s goonlike disposition. Of course, this does mean that we’ll probably get an unfortunate sequel where Riddick gets revenge on the Necromongers.