"This is the End" is a fantasy pipe dream about what will happen if the end of the world happens in Los Angeles just when a wild all-star party is going on at actor James Franco's house.

This movie gathers James and his real-life gang of friends Seth Rogen (who co-wrote and co-directed this), Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel, Craig Robinson, and the most obnoxious of them all, Danny McBride. There were several cameos from many other stars, like Michael Cera, Rihanna, Emma Watson, and Channing Tatum in crazy scenes you simply have to see to believe.

They all look like they had a lot of rip-roaring fun as the script (if there was one) took them for a grand ride spoofing one movie genre to another. There is disaster, horror, action, sci-fi, and, heaven forbid, even religious! Above all, there's the comedy.

Comedy, of course, is in the eye of the beholder. This movie has some of the most insulting, crass, green, off-color, dirty, sacrilegious, drugged, misogynistic, offensive jokes of all time being thrown at you mile a minute. If you are the overly-sensitive type, you might even walk out of this rambunctious mayhem even before the half way point. However, if you are of the majority of their fans of their other brash and raucous films like "Superbad" or "Pineapple Express", you will be laughing out loud all throughout its running time!