I always thought that if you Googled “Google,” your computer would probably blow up, but I was wrong. When Vince Vaughn does it in “The Internship,” all that happens is that the movie blows up.

Vaughn and Owen Wilson play unemployed idiots (their last jobs had them selling watches, for a company that they didn’t realize had gone out of business) who apply for internships meant for college students at Google. Though they clearly lied on their résumés, know nothing about tech and are old enough to remember when AOL was a hot stock, the company hires them alongside the 21-year-olds, anyway. Because a low-level employee says the company needs “diversity.” And brainless white guys are definitely an underserved minority.

“The Internship” is essentially a rehash of “Old School” only with a tech campus instead of a college one, but, problem: Coding is unlike dumb fraternity stunts — it is neither cinematic nor fakeable. The movie deals with this inherent lack of visual interest by pretending that winning a quidditch match against fellow interns might help you get hired, but put me down as doubting Google got where it is by hiring based on ability to play fictitious sports.

Also, there’s a lengthy detour for a party scene that has nothing to do with the main action, which is the boys’ quest to win a series of challenges on a team with three fellow interns. Along the way there are maybe 30 references to “Flashdance” that underline how clunky and dated the humor is; most of the characters on hand weren’t even born when that one came out.