Analog Voice

    I have built the analog voice, the real vacuum tube audio amp, in order to say nonlinearity of speaker in modern semiconductor audio amps. You may heard about Marantz-7 preamp, Altec speakers, Altec 6L6 power amps... I have improved these circuits without NFB(negative feedback) so the amp supplies correct signal into speakers.(We can't measure it because the impedance of speaker is not constant and there is Back emf.) Never mind Output power, THD and Bandwidth of the amp. Listen to the sound of the amp. The sound says...

  • Zero Feedback 6V6 Push-Pull Power Amp - extremely clear and fresh
  • Improved Marantz-7 Circuit - more silky sound
  • Leakage Controlled Output Transformer - super flat bandwidth
  • MOSFET Regulated Power Supply with 15-sec Timer - no crosstalk(perfect stereo)

The sound can only be described as magnificent, warm and silky, but extremely powerful and live.