Stepping Motor + High Power Drive


MF_SLA7026 drive is developed for Uni-polar stepping motors.

English Manual  Korean Manual

             DC supply voltage:  24 to 48[V]

             Phase Current:  0.5 to 3[A]

             Auto Current Reduction:  50% of set current, 2 seconds after last pulse

             Standby Current:  < 70[mA]

             Photo input power: 5 to 12[V],  max. 90[mA] (

               Control modes: Dir/Pulse, CW/CCW pulse  

 I have finished the project of high power stepping motor drive.
MF4806 manual 
- Wide Input Range of Voltage [24 ~ 48V]
High Output Current [1 ~ 6A]
- Microstepping 10x and 5x
- Full and Half step
- Anti-Resonance Control
- Optically Isolated Inputs of Pulse, Direction and Motor-Off
Running Speed up to 3,000 rpm

  I  have two models of stepping motor. If you are looking for a high torque stepping motor, let me know. NEMA(National Electrical Manufacturers Association)  standard
1) NEMA 23 (4S56Q : Saehan Electronics)
4.5V  2.0A   Torque: 1.4Nm (200oz-in)

2)NEMA 34 (SM3445)
2.53V  5.5A  Torque: 4.5Nm (650 oz-in)