Here, ICD2 clone with PIC18F4550 usb chip is for you. I have modified the schematics of ICD2 from the ICD2. RS232 port is removed as ICD2-LE. All functions are same as ICD2.

There are many codes for ICD2 clone on Internet. However I failed to run ICD2 clone with these codes. My codes are fully tested on my ICD2.

If you are in U.S.A, You can buy assembled ICD2 Clones from Celeritous in U.S.A.


  • AVR JTAG (USB port) : I built a photo-isolated AVR Jtag with USB connection because my projects are related to power circuits and I need isolation between my PC USB and power circuits.

Download TUSB3410(Virtual Com Port and XP drive) , AVRStudio V4.08 and schematics. You can get the latest AVR studio from ATMEL.

  • USB port module : I prefer FT245R chips for USB interface. It can be used as a software key-lock.  A small board, FT245R and PIC24H64 , is built for embedded applications.  Rs232 port is isolated from PIC24H circuit.