Ph.D. Chi Hwan Lee 
   Electronic Eng., Uiduk Univ., Gyeongju, KOREA 780-713
   Phone: 054-760-1613  
   Mobile: 010-8520-6817

 I am building a lot of machines with technology of Power Electronics. The applications of electronic circuits are my topics as for motor drives, motion control, HID lamps, inverters, SMPS and EMI solutions. I used to employ 89C52. I prefer analog+digital design by using ATmega, ADMC401 dsp and dsPIC30F6010. C++ Builder is used for MMI(man machine interface) program. Multimedia timer gives me a real time control under Windows PC. Recently, many people ask me about HID ballast. I have opened results of my researches. I love mini-lathe and mill so I build my own 4-axis CNC using stepper motors. I am improving it.

  I received my BSEE from Yeungnam University in 1984 and MSEE and Ph.D. (Power Electronics) from Kyungpook University, Korea in 1988 and 1993, respectively. I have joined the faculty of Electronic Engineering at the Uiduk University, in 1998. I have researched on motor control, motion control system(CNC) and electronic ballasts for HID lamps.

     What I did in PE- Lab.