EMI control      

EMI problem is not a "Black box" anymore. I can guide you to find solutions.

A troubleshooting situation may arise when an EMI compliance test is failed, the problem may have arisen in the field after installation, or a self compatibility problem may have occurred during the design phase. The goal of a troubleshooting consultation is to isolate and fix an identified EMI problem. Please read my note prior to email me and try to fix one more.


* Transient Limiter for Conducted EMI checking

I made Transient Limiter for my spectrum analyzer and LISN. It's an essential device for EMI debugging.

You can build with a few parts and BNC box (Digikey 501-1103-ND). Low cut-off freq. depends on C1 and High cut-off is determined by L1 and C2.

Visit [EMC Design Center at Microchip]