Digital 4-axis CNC      

  It's a real digital CNC because True digital motors are used. Stepping motor is the real digital motor. I have spent a lot of time to finish my CNC project.  My machine has a 4-axis controller and 4 high torque stepping motors(NEMA#23). To make a perfect CNC at a reasonable price, Stepping motor is employed instead of a servo motor.  Stepping motor, it gives no delay time on positioning,  a simple hardware and a low price.  It generates high torque even though it's a small size.... SLA7026 is used for driving the motor.  Eventually, the controller is very compact without losing the precision.  Windows based CNC software will be ..... I am making......wait, please.  If you are interested in Power-CNC, email me.



             pendant                                                        front panel  



 rotary table with motor       1:4 pulley with timing belt(XYZ)      PC-screen


My machine makes .....

  • My Milling machine :
    1. Weight: 35Kgs
    2. Work area of 228mm(x-axis) x 100mm(y-axis) x 215mm(z-axis) with Rotary table(c-axis).
    3. 0.003mm single step movement on X/Y/Z axis.  0.0125deg step on C axis.
    4. Spindle: 500W DC motor.
    5. Feed rate: 0 - 500mm per min.  1% step, 0-150% real time control during running state.
    6. Motor torque: 200 oz-in.
    7. Backlash compensation on all axes.
    8. Pendant makes easy controlling of the machine.

 CNC-PE is installed on a Chinese Mill,

Sherline Mill....