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Population, all NYS places, 2000 Census               Worldwide English Dept Pages

For Bibliophiles and Text Obsessives

Studies in Bibliography

British Library Catalog

Jack Lynch's Literary Resources

Dan Traister's Home Page    pp

Electronic Text Center

Samuel Pepys' Blog

Kafka Diaries Blog

Internet Sacred Text Archive 


Concordance   +

Matt Kirschenbaum's Page   pp

"Extreme Inscription"

The Voynich Manuscript

Ancient Scripts

Bodleian Library Electronic Resources

The Unbound Bible

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Rictor Norton Homepage  (queer studies)  pp

Walter Benjamin Research Syndicate

Dinur Jewish History Research Center

OCLC Top 1000 Library Books

The Making of America 1 & 2

On WG Sebald

Century Dictionary & Cyclopedia


Understanding "Lord of the Flies"

Renascence Editions

Thoreau's Blog

The Morgan Library

Digital Scriptorium

Critical Inquiry


British Library Online Gallery

Romantic Circles

The Ivanhoe Game

Schoenberg e-Text & Image Center

Charles Bukowski

Open Source Shakespeare

Apmonia (Beckett)

Judaica Libraries

The American Language

Vintage Paperbacks

Common Errors in English

"Radiant Textuality"

Ellen Lupton Design Essays

What is a Letter?

Julian Barnes

Character Sets

Stuart Moulthrop Page   pp

 The Anatomy of Melancholy (1652)

The Auchinleck Manuscript

Book Culture in 1498

Caxton's Canterbury Tales

Milan Kundera

Cunt: a Cultural History , 2

Romantic Chronology 

Postmodernism Generator

The Future Evolution of Consciousness

Ben Marcus, 2

Haiku Movie Reviews

Philip Roth Society

Italo Calvino

The Persistence of English

Kipling's 'White Man's Burden' & Its Critics

Martin Heidegger (Ereignis)

Old & New Edinburgh

Scottish Broadsides

Digital Gutenberg

Allgemeine Encyclopadie der Wissenschaften und Kunste

The F Word 2

Somaweb  (Aldous Huxley)

J-K Huysmans

on Paul Goodman, 2

Ruskin's 'Modern Painters' & 2, 34

Rare Book Room

Codex Seraphinianus,  2


Montaigne's Essays (complete)


The Lapine Language


Bellona Times Repress

Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Archive)

How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers

Digitized Book of the Week

Amateurism, 2

Forms of Reading (Miall)

Compact Memory

Dickens' London

e-text Collections (Univ. of Adelaide)

A Library of Chinese Culture (fulltext)


The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon (WT Stead)

Sound Poem (Hugo Ball)

19thC American Children & Their Reading 


Joyce Carol Oates

Coleridge's Biographia Literaria

19thC Children & Their Reading

The History of the Blues (Davis)

Curiosities of Literature

Corpus of old English Poetry

The Number Concept, by Levi Conant

The Canterbury Tales

 Online Resources in Literature, Film, Art, and the Real World

The Best English Lit Research Database for Undergrads   +

The Best Scholarly Full Text Database in the Social Sciences and Humanities  +

600 Complete Books about Canonical Authors     +

Automated MLA & APA Citations

US Literacy Statistics, 2

The British Monarchy 

Squashed Philosophers

Center for Popular Culture(Bowling Green State Univ.)

Automated Reader's Advisor (Whichbook) 

Culture Machine

Language Museum

Arts & Letters Daily

The ARTFL Project    +

NY Public Library Databases      +

Variety    +


Speech Accent Archive

Ultimate Science Fiction Guide

Electronic Book Review

The Powys Society,  2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Medieval History Links

David Chalmers' Consciousness & Mind Resources 

Images of Libraries in Popular Culture

Foucault Resources

BookNotes & Wired for Books

African-American Sheet Music 1820-1920

Solomon's Refuge     pp

Zeroland Literary Links

Vatican Library

Edmund Spencer Homepage, 2

The Thoreau Reader

Walt Whitman Archive

Cambridge History of English & American Literature(1921)

Social Science Internet Gateways

BUBL Information Resources

The History of Rock 'n' Roll

Charles' Orwell Links

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Institute for the Future of the Book 

Thomas Pynchon

First Monday

Bob (Dylan) Links

Alliance of Digital Humanities

Daniel Chandler's Page     pp

Literary & LInguistic Computing

Worldwide Digital Book Collections

Dante Gabriel Rosetti Hypermedia Archive

Ars Electronica


Cyberspace, Hypertext & Critical Theory

The Exquisite Corpse

Music of Intellect


English Accents & Dialects

The Coming Anarchy

Eugene O'Neill Essays

Zeroland (arts & lit resources)

Hermann Hesse Homepage                

Literary Locales

Arthur Lloyd UK Musical Theatre Links

British Academy Scholars' Portal

Postcolonial Literature Studies in English

The Valve & The Elegant Variation

Literary Encyclopedia    +

Timeline of Art History

The European Library

Authorized Paul Bowles Page 

Libraries & the Cultural Record 

Georges Simenon

The Modern Word

Stanislas Lem

English Lit Websites (Intute)

Bestiary (Greek mythology) 

Nextbook   (Jewish literary culture)

Game Studies

Irish Resources in the Humanities

Garden of Forking Paths (Borges)

IMEC Literary Archives (French) 

Waterloo 19th Cent Periodical Directory

Alice Munro

Copyright Guidelines: Digital Millenium ActFair Use, File Sharing

Bullshit  2, 3, 4

Context: Center for Book Culture

The Philosopher's Magazine     +

The Underground Grammarian 

Dead City Library 

Wittgenstein Archives (Bergen)

The Atlantic Online

The Antislavery Literature Project

History of Libraries

Cultural Studies & Critical Theory

Camille Paglia  &  Oriana Fallaci

The Pulp Gallery &

Literature, Cognition & The Brain

The LitBlog Co-op

Lou Reed

The Vonnegut Web

Web del Sol  &  failbetter

Ethics Updates

The Believer  &  McSweeney's

The Reading Experience

Paris Review Interviews

Geoffrey Nunberg      pp

Current Research in Social Psychology

Philosophy Now  & Erratic Impact

"Farewell to the Information Age"

Mark Twain in His Times

Mythos & Logos2,   (existentialism)

Digital Collections at Univ Heidelberg

Robert Louis Stevenson

Peer Review Overview, 2, 3

Genealogy of Influence

Censorship Resources

Complex Literatures

Literary Saloon

Internet History Sourcebooks

A Student's History of American Literature (1902) 

Pankaj Mishra, 2, 3, 4    &    R.K. Narayan, 2, 3

Princeton/Stanford Papers on Classics

Lacan dot com  &  Zizek,  2

Studies in Scarlet (19th C sex court cases)

Pseudopodium       pp

Directory of Open Access Journals

The Learning Page   (Library of Comgress)

At the Edge

Registering Copyright for Literary Work

Normal Mailer Radio Interview, 2

The Internet Archive

Copyright Law Booklet  (Duke Univ.)

Cormac McCarthy

Encyclopedia of Chicago

Stanley Fish Resources Center

African American Writers Online

Doubting Hall (Evelyn Waugh)

Jack London Online

James Baldwin

The American Chesterton Society

Victorian Literary Studies Archive

Henry James Scholar's Web Guide

Edinburgh Book Festival Readings 

How to Evaluate  &  Cite Wikipedia Articles 

The Online Literature Library

The Centaurian (John Updike),  2, 3, 4

Henry Miller, 2, 3    Anais Nin

Luminarium (16thC Literature)

19th Century Schoolbooks

The Kipling Society

Fan Fiction

Tom Waits

Artlynx Theatre Resources

The Music & Thought of Nietzsche

Donald Davidson

Poland's National Digital Library

Matrix Linx

Cardiff Corvey/Romantic Texts

Reader Response Theory/Miall

Cogweb &  Cogprints


W.T. Stead

The Victorian Dictionary

Electronic Poetry Center  &  Pennsound

Christopher Hitchens  &  Andrew Sullivan/Daily Dish

Wikiportal: Literature 

Cornucopia  (libraries & collections in the UK)

William Morris Internet Archive, 2, 3, 4

Pre-Raphaelite Links

Bibliobibuli       pp

Prose & Verse Criticism of Poetry (U of Toronto)

Lawrence Durrell, 2,3


Guardian Books (UK)

Claremont College Author Interviews

The 1844 Report of the Metropolitan Commissioners in Lunacy (UK)

"What if 9/11 Never Happened?"  (NY Magazine)

LibrarianInBlack     pp 

Thomas Hardy Association

Alain (Emile Chartier), 2 , 3   (in French)

Earth-Moon: a Ted Hughes Website 

Sylvia Plath , 2

Josef von Sternberg, 2

Lewis Carroll

John Leonard Archive

T.E. Lawrence, 2


For Film Nuts & Image Geeks 

How to Do Research on Movies, 2nd ed.

Top-Grossing Films Ever

American Memory  (Library of Congress)

Senses of Cinema

Film Articles & Bibliographies (UC-Berkeley)

Internet Moving Images Archive  &

Public Moving Image Archives

Bright Lights Film Journal


Stanley Kubrick

Motion Picture Industry   +

How Movie Stuff Works

Film Literature Index

The Old Corral


Old Feature Films Online

Movie Sounds

Cinema Treasures

National Archives: Film & Video

Chicago Reader on Film

Film Festivals

B Monster



Jean-Luc Godard

Strictly  Film School

1000 Greatest Films

Combustible Celluloid's Top Ten Lists


Wikipedia Film Portal

Fred Camper Film Page    pp

Zeroland Cinema

Vatican Best Films List

Archive of Early American Images

Athanasius Kircher Image Gallery

British Film Institute

Movie Review Query Engine

Fantastic in Art & Fiction

Leif Parsons   pp

Wim Wenders



Yann Arthurs-Bertrand

Worldwide  Film Archives

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Superhero Animated Gif Index

Spider Web Construction Gallery

Andy's Early Comics Archive

The Ward-o-Matic      pp

Media/Communications Sites (Intute)

BUND (British Newsreel Archive)

Spielberg Jewish Film Archive

Chinese Maps

Moving Image Collections

Full-Length Cartoons Online

Week in Review

The 1913 Armory Show

Life is Short

National Gallery of Art Online

Survey Graphic in the '30's


Virginia Film Festival

Victoria & Albert Museums

Sontag on Riefenstahl

Rare 9/11 Photos


Saul Steinberg Foundation


Cabinodd Art Links  &  Surreal Art Forum

Cliff House Project

Comic Vine

Wholphin (DVD Magazine)

Ghost City

Drawn  &  The Daily Scribble

Maps of Mexico

An Exchange with Stanley Cavell2

Early Visual Media

What the Bleep Do We Know?

Jean Renoir Resource Centre

Film Directors: Articles          pp     

Scope: Online Journal of Film Studies

Classic Film & Television  (studies)       pp

Willard Wigan, Micro Sculptor


Cereal Box Archive

Wm. Burroughs Book Covers

Decorative Arts Collections Online

Ingmar Bergman, 2

Satyajit Ray Study Collection

Kris Kuksi      pp

Old Pictures

Museum of Dust  &  Opacity

Images: a Journal

Roger Corman on DVD

Subterranean Cinema

NY Times Movie Page

2001: A  Space Odyssey Internet Archive

pHinnweb Arts Links

Docuseek Film & Video Finder

BlueDaniel      pp

Along the River during Qingming Festival

Maurycy Gottlieb

British Cartoon Archive

Guide to Ukiyo-e Sites

mulheres barbadas

clone magazine

Women in Art  & Women in Film

Gallery Scene

The Ryhiner Map Collection


British Library Images Online

John Speed

Celestial Atlas

Principles of Uncertainty         pp



History of Visual Communication

Ptolemy's Cosmographia

Divas of the Silent Screen

Political audio files

Encyclopedia of Television

Hogarth Research Links

Frontline Online

Early Visual Media

AIP's Beach Party Movies

Concert Vault

Gustave Courbet2

Harun Yahya's Atlas of Creation


Europa Film Treasures

They Shoot Pictures, Don't They


Gallery of Cigarette Ads

AS & A2 Film Studies

David Bordwell

Film Studies for Free


Film Reference

Alternative Film Guide


Verne Langdon

Luminous Lint

Cereal Commercials


Chronicle of a Passion (on  film)


Wenceslaus Hollar Collection

Documentary Heaven