We are WHERE?

We've had some people tell us that they couldn't find our location when using a GPS.  That's likely due to the way houses are numbered on Old Lystra Road.  Since the road is bisected by the Chatham/Orange County line, the powers that be decided to begin numbering houses from low to high starting at both ends of the road and increasing toward the county line near the middle.  Consequently, house numbers are not entirely sequential even though no numbers are duplicated.  House number 200 might be in Orange and house number 205 might be in Chatham a couple of miles down the road....it sounds crazy but it explains the trouble with the GPS database errors. 

As long as you keep in mind that Patchwork Farm is in Chatham County and just beyond the county line, you should have no trouble spotting the driveway signs that we post when it's picking time.  We hope to see you here!

Patchwork Farm