• We sell blueberries by weight rather than volume like the grocery store.  A pint of berries in the store weighs a bit over 1/2 pound and goes for $4.99 at our local market.  We sell a pound for $2.50 which makes the cost approximately 1/4 that of the grocery when you provide the labor.
  • Our picking season starts in the middle of June and ends mid to late July.  Weather and other factors ultimately determine production but this is a good rule of thumb to plan around.
  • We only offer blueberries so far but hope to expand into other crops.
  • Our bushes were planted in the spring 2006.
  • We are frequently asked if we are an organic farm.  Our understanding is that the designation "organic" is a legal definition requiring federal registration and oversight.  We are not a registered organic farm but we follow organic practices including natural composting, mulching and hand weeding.  We use no pesticides on our plants.  The only thing sprayed on our plants is water.