We are a "pick-your-own" blueberry farm in Chapel Hill, NC

Cropping up...

The 2014 picking season has been short and sweet!

For the same reason we started late this year we are closing early. As of July 9 we are closed for the season.  Lack of rain has put the remaining crop in poor condition.  We will start the next year with a renewed plan to finish our irrigation project.  Thanks to all who came by this season!  Look forward to seeing you next year!


  •   Keep in mind, you can call (919)- 590-9849 and listen to a recorded message on up to the minute status of the field.

  •  Thanks for checking in!    


If you aren't sure whether it's worth the effort to pick your own berries, this photo should change your mind!  We're hoping to have twice the crop this year that we had last year so there will be plenty of opportunity to give it a try.


We offer a fun and rewarding destination for the whole family to enjoy. Again, always consult our calendar to keep up with our hours of operation. Weather and the amount of ripe fruit vary everyday so we would rather open as conditions allow instead of keeping a fixed schedule.  That's the most efficient way to make sure it's worth the trip!  

 We currently have three varieties of blueberry in cultivation: Premier, Climax, and Tiff Blue.  We also keep chickens and may have some fresh eggs so please ask!