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Rules & Regs

A passenger may be ejected and his or her PVVTA pass card may be confiscated if the passenger engages in any of the following:

1. Boarding any bus without first paying the applicable fare.

2. Misuse of any PVVTA transfer, pass, or ticket with the intent to evade payment of the applicable fare.

3. Unauthorized use of PVVTA discount pass or ticket, or failure to present to PVVTA personnel upon request acceptable proof of eligibility to use a discount pass or ticket.


1. Interfering with the operation of a PVVTA vehicle or with any facility used to provide access to any PVVTA vehicle. The term “interfere” shall include acting in manner that could impair the safety of any person or that could impair PVVTA’s provision of safe, efficient and convenient transportation service.

2. Playing sound equipment on any PVVTA vehicle or facility (personal headsets are allowed).

3. Smoking, eating, or drinking in any PVVTA vehicles or facility in those areas where such activities are prohibited (PVVTA allows drinking or non-alcoholic beverages on buses when the beverage is in a spill resistant container).

4. Willfully disturbing others by engaging in boisterous or unruly behavior in any PVVTA vehicle or facility.

5. Passengers may initially ride two complete circuits of one route for one boarding fare, but thereafter shall pay one boarding fare for each circuit of the route, regardless if they do not get off the PVVTA vehicle.

6. Carrying any explosive or acid, flammable liquid, or toxic or hazardous material in any PVVTA vehicle or facility.

7. Willfully blocking the free movement of another person in any PVVTA vehicle or facility.

8. Boarding a PVVTA vehicle unless the passenger is appropriately clothed (including foot wear) and reasonably groomed (e.g. basic hygiene).

9. Soliciting money from other persons in a PVVTA vehicle or at a PVVTA facility.

10. Extending one’s arm, hand, head, foot, leg, or other portion of one’s body through any window of a PVVTA vehicle.

11. The following activities are prohibited on or in: (a) any PVVTA vehicle because such activities interfere with passengers’ privacy and/or with the safe, pleasant, convenient, and efficient provision of transit services:

(i) Posting, distributing or displaying any sign, advertisement, circular, handbill, or other written material;

(ii) Exhibiting or displaying any object or merchandise;

(iii) Offering or soliciting the sale or lease of any commercial service;

(iv) Holding meetings;

(v) Performing ceremonies or making speeches or orations; or

(vi) Exhibiting a sign, placard, notice, declaration, or appeal of any kind or description.

Vehicles and Facilities

1. Skateboarding, roller skating, or rollerblading in any PVVTA vehicle of facility.

2. Placing feet on the seat of a PVVTA vehicle or placing any article on the seat which would leave grease, oil, paint, dirt, or any other substance on the seat.

3. Throwing an object at any PVVTA vehicle or at any person or thing on or in any PVVTA vehicle or facility.

4. Injuring, mutilating, defacing, altering, changing, displacing, removing, or destroying any sign, notice, or advertisement on any PVVTA vehicle or facility.

5. Unnecessary loitering is not allowed at PVVTA shelters, benches, and other PVVTA facilities.


1. Motorized bikes are not allowed in and/or on PVVTA vehicles.

2. Boarding a PVVTA vehicle with a bicycle that is more than eighty (80) inches long or more than forty-eight (48) inches high measured from the top of the handlebars to the bottom of the wheels is prohibited.

3. Boarding a PVVTA vehicle with a bicycle which is excessively dirty, muddy or greasy such that it is likely to soil PVVTA’s vehicle or another person’s clothing is prohibited.


1. Transporting animals in a PVVTA vehicle unless:

(a) the animal is a guide, service, or signal animal that has been specially trained to assist persons with disabilities and is on a leash; or

(b) the animal is in a completely enclosed and secured cage or carrying case which is small enough to fit on the person’s lap and the animal does not otherwise endanger or annoy other persons.


1. Children under the age of 9 years of age must be accompanied by a paying passenger 15 years of age or older


1. Riding in a PVVTA vehicle with a stroller/utility cart unless prior to boarding the children or goods are removed and the stroller/utility cart is folded and/or stored so that it does not block the aisle, doorways, or the areas reserved for persons in wheelchairs or who use mobility aids.

2. Transporting incidental baggage that blocks the aisle or the areas of the PVVTA vehicle reserved for persons in wheelchairs or who use mobility aids.

3. Passenger baggage is limited to 5 bags per paying passenger; Baggage must be able to be handled safely by the passenger getting on and off the vehicle.
In the event that a PVVTA employee confiscates a passenger’s PVVTA pass for violation or PVVTA’s Rules, or passenger’s face suspension from riding PVVTA vehicles, that passenger within 7 calendar days of the incident may submit a written request for a hearing with PVVTA’s General Manager (or his/her designee), and that hearing will be conducted within 30 calendar days at the PVVTA Operations Center 415 N. Main Street Blythe CA 92225.